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"Ashiklar EKO" is situated at the foot of Kom peak, in the Western Stara Planina. The Ashiklar area is 3 km from Bekovitsa, 4 km from the international route II-81 (Sofia - Petrohan - Berkovitsa - Lom - Vidin, 75 km far from the Bulgarian capital Sofia, 600 meters above sea level. The complex is built on 65 dekars area - meadows and forest, with constantly running mountain spring, surrounded by a chestnut wood.

The tourist resort "Ashiklar ECO" is an appropriate place for relaxing, eco tourism, sports, green-school, winter-school, hunting-tourism, arranging bussiness meetings, seminars, etc. The green meadows surrounded by the numerous green vegetation the pleasant climate conditions, the mineral and tapwater springs, are suitable for treatment of asthma and nerve system problems. For its guests Tourist resort "Ashiklar EKO" offers:
    • All seasons restaurant - 50 seats, organizing celebrations.
    • Summer Bar - 30 seats
    • An outdoor kitchen - for the ones who like to cook. There is also a barbeque, wash-stand, hot plate, etc
    • A conference hall with a coffee bar and a TV, for 40 people, suitable for seminars, summer and winter schools
    • The hotel is adjusted for disabled persons
    • All mobile operators have a good network service cover on the territory of the resort
    • High speed, wireless internet connection
    • Concert stage
    • Sports playground - mini football, volleyball, featherball, tennis, etc
    • Kids playground - with swings, rinks, etc
    • 24/7 guarded parking lot -30 vehicles, also suitable for bus parking
    • Hunting tourism, fishing from 2 - 25 km from the resort
    • Good conditions for bike and hike
Tourist resort "Ashiklar EKO" offers good conditions for skiing, snowboarding, sledging, etc:
    • A big track - 500 m long, 12-18 % slope, with a ski tow "Chestnut wood". The ski track has lights and it is suitable for night skiing.
    • A little track - 100 m long, with a ski tow "Chestnut wood", also with lights, suitable for begginers and kids. There is a ski instructor, a sledge track for the kids .
    • The resort offers to it's guests a ski closet for all sizes and ages (skis, ski shoes and ski-poles)
For the guests of "Ashiklar EKO" there is a great opportunity for visiting:
    • The Klisurski Monastery - 10 km. and the Lopushanski Monastery - 33 km
    • Varshets with its mineral spas - 18 km
    • Montana - 25 km and the Montana dam
    • Chiprovtsi - 48 km with its famous carpets and Monastery of Chiprovtsi
    • Vratsa - 60 km and Ledenika Cave
    • Belogradchik and its famous rocks - 75 km and Magurata Cave
    • Lom - 75 m and Danube River
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