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The "Elite" Hotel was opened in the middle of April 2004. It is situated in the centre of the town of Devin. There are 12 double rooms, 3 single rooms and 3 studios(all equipped with satellite TV, internet connection, mini bar, telephone, luxury bathroom). The hotel is open all year round and is suitable for holiday rests, as well as for business meetings and seminars, as there is an equipped conference hall with 25 seats.

To make quests stay more enjoyable, there is lobby bar and a restaurant with summer garden, which offer a wide range of Bulgarian and European dishes. In the hotel recreation centre, quests can use a 6-seat Jacuzzi, baths with mineral water, a massage room, sauna and a gym hall. The hotel offers package holidays of 4 and 7 nights at reduced prices. There are also organized sightseeing trips in the Rodope Mountains.

The town of Devin is situated in the central part of the picturesque Rodope massif, 185 km south-east of Sofia, 100 km from Plovdiv and only 35 km from famous ski resort Pamporovo. The region of Devin is rich in karst and mineral water, which is why the town has been labelled as a balneological resort with high curative qualities. The beautiful countryside and historical sights in the region of Devin provide interesting places for trips and tourism - the village of Shiroka Luka, the Gorge of Trigrad (The Devil`s throat), Yagodina Cave.


The Elephant
An interesting rock formation, looks like an elephant figure, near by Devin town, along "Vatsha" river.

Trigradsko dough, Devil throat cave
Majestic canyon, cut through by Trigradska river situated 2 km. away from Trigrad village. With its rocks high to 250 m, Trigraddsko dough is real attraction for the mountaineers. There are more than 150 caves in the dough, some of which are urbanized, such as the famous one - "Devil throat". Inside you can see 18 waterfalls, and the biggest one falls to the hall is high 42 m. Hundred steep steps, floodlights and pendant bridges make accessible for every one the raw underground world of "Devil throat".

Jagodinska cave
It is situated 3 km. southeast of Jagodina village. It is one of the deepest cave in Bulgaria (6.450 m.) Beautiful formation of stalactites, stalagmites and leopard hide can be seen along the attractive, lighted path. In the cave, there are open archaeological Neolithic finds (4th-5th century BC).

"The Girl"
An unique rock formation of girl, situated closed to the road Devin - Shiroka Laka. The legend tells, that on this place the beautiful girl from Shiroka Laka wanted to be petrified and so she will save the honors and the faith from the Turkish, who pursued her. This monument is protected natural landmark.

"Agoushevi resting place"
An architecture monument in the middle of the Rodope mountain is from the beginning of 19 century, these resting places were residences of the local Turkish pasture. This remarkable complex of housing and agricultural buildings is situated to the Spring of Arda River in Mogilitza village. "Agoushevi resting" place is unique with its 221 windows, 86 doors and 24 chimneys.

Smolian lakes
They are famous as "Smaragdovi eyes" of Rodope Mountain. They are situated near Smolian town. In times their number was - 20, and now they are only seven. The longest and finest lake is the so-called "Muddy lake".

The marvelous bridges
They are a unique natural phenomenon, which name comes from their form, looks like bridge extends over Small River. The phenomenon is formed as a result of destruction of old cave of an earthquake. Near by is the "Ice cave" and the "Big cave" in which there are archaeological finds from 5th-6th century BC.

Batshkovo monastery
Traveling from Plovdiv to Smolian town, you will pass by Batshkovo monastery - the second big monastery in Bulgaria, founded in 1083. According to the legend, patriarch Evtimji, exile in the Rodope Mountain of the Turkish invaders, was buried in the monastery in 14 century. Here is the famous with its miracle icon of "Holy Virgin", date from 1310. The monastery museum preserves many books of true merit, relics, icons and others

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