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Belogradchik (520 m altitude) is situated 180 km. northwest of Sofia. Situated in the Western Stara Planina, surrounded by the fantastic world of Belogradchik rocks. The city has existed for centuries, his name is white Roman fortress. In its present form it was built in 1837. In 1850 the stronghold was the center of the uprising, which was brutally suppressed by the Turks.

The Historical museum of Belogradchik is found in the House of Panovi - architecture memorial from 1810. There is an Astronomy laboratory in the town, there is one of the most powerful telescope in Bulgaria. The exposition of the Natural science museum contains 520 exponents and the fund available with some 2500. The mosque has been since 1751, and it’s the only standing building from the old settle. The church “St. Georges Conqueror” was built in 1868.

Alex Guest House & Camping
Alex House of guest is suited on main road Sofia – Belogradchik, 4 – 5 minutes by car from centre of Belogradchik in the middle of the nature’s phenomenon “Belogradchik’s rocks”. We are offering to all our guests’ self-contained house for the rest among greenery and attractive nooks. Pleasures emotions in landmarks, historical and culture sight – seeing in that region. A guarded camping-ground of 0.5 ha parking lot is offered by us. There are facilities ,both covered and in the open air,for cooking and eating,shower,WC etc.
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Castle Cottage
Castle Cottage is nestled on a hill next to a middle century castle wall overlooking the city of Belogradchik and the rocks. The house is built exclusively from natural materials which puts it in harmony with the surrounding nature. Natural sun light pours in through large windows and the patio doors offer easy access to the garden. The cottage is offering country comfort and sophisticated modern interior and amenities which makes it a perfect place for relaxation and recreation. Once you visit the house and the mystic rocks which surround it you will be swept away by the charm and the hospitality of this magical place.
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The Rocks of Belogradchik one of the numerous natural Bulgarian wonders. The incredible rock formations are in area which is 30 km. long and 15 km. wide. There are interesting legends which are connected with this rocks. The central group is southern from Belogradchik. Here are the most interesting and impressive formations which are published for natural landmark.

The second group is situated western of the town, the rocks here look like the Alpine, they enclose big precipices. Eastern from the town it is found the third group, which embraces the rocks around the Latin fortress and Lipenishka cave. The forth group is situated between the villages Borovica and Falkocec. The last group is situated around the villages Gurgich and Belotinici.

The Magurata cave it's the biggest cave in Bulgaria, 17 km. from Belogradchik. It is found on the Magurska hill which is 461 m. high. The cave’s length is about 3000 m, from which 1400 m. are well laid out. The water mould from the limestone fantastic forms. The Magura’s inhabitants left us about 700 cave drawing. This are the only human’s art creations from the Bronze Ages in South-Eastern Europe, which age is more than 3000 years.

The roomy halls represent peculiar museum. The human’s imagination compare them to different plants, animals and objects. There are bones of cave animals and objects from the tribes’ way of life in the triumphal. Pulling down divides it from the Hall of the two stalactitones. There is a natural foamy wine ”Magura” which is produced by classical French technology. It is tasted in the Throne hall.

The Rabisha's lake it's 20 km. from Belogradchik and it offers ideal conditions for surfing, swimming, good beaches and fishing, there is camping.

Belogradchik, Magurata Cave, Rabisha Lake
Magurata Cave
Rabisha Lake
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