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Kamchiya is the biggest Bulgarian river which empties into the Black Sea, 35 km. south of Varna. Formed by the merger of Luda and Big Kamchiya, which flows from the Eastern Stara Planina. In the upper course Big Kamchia is called Ticha.

Resort complex Kamchiya is situated 30 km. from Varna and 5 km. from the international road E-87. It’s situated near the outfall of the artistic river Kamchiya. It’s around exotic forest, water-lilies and roses in the natural reserve. The beaches lines are wide with sandy dune. The climate is extremely pleasant. The summer begin from may and continue to September. The middle summer temperature are between 25-32oC. The Holiday Village “Kamchiya” offers wonderful condition for rest around the nature in cozy villas and bungalow from different categories.

The Bio-reserve Longoza is an unique natural extraordinary. It’s in the program MAB and UNESKO. Here are found about 40 species of trees, some are as high as 50 meters, over 150 years Of particular importance are lianas, which form a curtain of wet places. The territory of the reserve is one of the largest deposits of Leucojum in Bulgaria. In the river meet lilies and other water plants. The reserve is approximately 260 species of live birds, of which 56 are present in the Red Book of Bulgaria. In the woods and found many rare mammals. Fish are represented by about 40 species, 8 of them have migrated from the Black Sea.

Devnya is located 30 km. from Varna in a small valley surrounded by low limestone hills. Natural attractions are thirty karst springs, of which the most picturesque is "Magic Spring". The presence of water and limestone deposits, attracting people from time immemorial. Rich sources of water, salt and lime are the basis for the development of large-scale chemical industry. Devnya is highly developed economic region:production of sodi, fertilizer, heat, construction materials, sugar, etc.
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Museum of mosaics was built on part of the ancient foundations of a building with mosaics of Marcianopolis (Marcianopolis), built at the end of the III century to replace earlier buildings destroyed by the Gothic invasion in 251, provide a Roman and early Byzantine floor mosaics and wall - marble, limestone, baked clay and colored glass in various colors. In the halls of the museum has presented the architecture and lifestyle of its inhabitants. The mosaics are made in the classical techniques in 16 colors. They mainly represent characters and scenes from Greco-Roman mythology, exotic animals and birds, plants and geometric motifs.

Pobiti Kamani is located north of Beloslav's Lake and 15 km. from Varna. They represent parts of a small sand-gravel desert:, a unique phenomenon in Europe. Some of these limestone-sand formations reach 6 m. high, are located on a total area 246.3 ha. There are 14 groups of stone columns located among sand and scattered in the west end of the Varna valley to Beloslav's Lake. Pobiti Kamani is the first protected natural landmark by the state in Bulgaria in 1937, a unique natural phenomenon has occurred more than 50 million years. For thousands of years the sea has shaped bizarre shapes, resembling the ruins of an ancient temple.

Provadiya in southern Provadiyska gorge of the eponymous river, 45 km from Varna. Village with over 15 centuries of history, the oldest traces of human activity are from the V century BC. Failure or Provaton city (passage, narrow) was founded as a Byzantine fortress against the invading warrior tribes from the north named. The castle above the modern town of mountain plateau, surrounded on all sides with rocks. Bulgarians adopted the Slavic name Ovech a stronghold quickly became a regional administrative center, but after the adoption of Christianity as episcopal residence.

In 1366 here were closed three eminent knights led by Marshal of Burgundy, which was paid ransom. Ovech fell under Turkish rule in 1388, when 30 000 army under the command of Lala Shahin fraudulently invaded night after concluding a truce. In 1409 as a result of rising short of it is Bulgarian stronghold for about three years. The fortress used by the end of XVII century, and then finally abandoned. Actual Provadiya is extracted salt from the 7500 years. St. Annunciation Church is known for its lush decoration. In the center of town at 300-year mosque.

Asparuhovo (840 inhabitants) is situated on the Tsonevo lake, a small picturesque village nestled at the foot of Stara Planina, in the Luda Kamchiya. It is located 85 km southwest of Varna. The village has existed since VIII century and was called Ovchaga. Later the village was overrun by the dam and moved. The village has an ethnographic reserve with old houses are preserved and Cell school and church. Visited by many tourists because of the preserved folklore, lifestyle and spirituality.

Aspa Hotel
Away from the dynamics of the city, you will find peace and enjoy the incredible scenery! Come to us! For passionate fishermen Tsonevo dam is in close proximity. If the person is really determined to escape the madness of the city and for a moment wish to see how easy it is lived Bulgarian grandparents - he hit the right spot.
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Dari and Krisi House for ease and ease
If you long for quiet rest to leave you good memories! Do not search more welcome in a house for rest and recreation "Dari and Krisi". Great comfort and cozy atmosphere of the house will step detached from everyday life and will predispose to a wonderful holiday in each year.
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Kameliya Guest House
The house has fourteen rooms, four of them are double rooms, five are three single beds, three with four single beds. The remaining two rooms - a bedroom with three single beds and a bedroom with two single beds. The complex has a kitchen, outdoor terrace, barbecue, barbecue, oven. An additional fee offered bicycles, boats, jets, hiking tours.
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