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Golden Sands, Aladja Monastery
Albena, Balchik, Kranevo
Saints Constantine and Helena, Sunny Day
Varna Region
Kavarna, Cape Kaliakra
Obzor, Byala, Shkorpilovtsi
Nesebar, Pomorie, Ravda
Primorsko, Kiten, Lozenets
Tsarevo, Ahtopol, Sinemorec

Obzor is situated in a cove between the St. Athanasius Cape and the Emine Mount. There are no large industrial enterprises within 50 km away from the town, and owing to this fact it is an exceptional place with landscape combining in a magnificent manner seaside and mountainscape. Obzor is a peaceful and quiet seaside resort with a 10-km long beach, forests, spas and beautiful scenery. It is situated on the Å-79 International motorway. The town of Varna is 60 km away, and the town of Bourgas 75 km away, whereas the nearby resort of Sunny Beach and the Nesebar are only 37 km away.

The favourable location of the town was appreciated by the ancient Greeks who founded the colony of Navloch in this place. During the period of the Roman Empire the fortress of Heliopolis (Town of the Sun) was erected. Some remnants of a temple of Jupiter, some Roman baths and a water conduit can still be seen. Here lay the border between Bulgraria and Byzantium, there was a protective bank and the fortress was called Kozyak.

The development of Obzor as a resort started in 1925, when the first summer villas and holiday homes were built. Nowadays the town's guests can opt for the mountain or the seaside. The beach is about 10 km long and 60 m wide. The sand is finely grained and golden in colour. The mountainous area beside the town with its spas is the ideal place for outings, walks, picnics.

Obzor has a football playground, a tennis court, sports playgrounds. During the high season, cultural and sports events take place. In the end of July, the traditional Neptune Festival is held. The "Izgrev" (Sunrise) Culture Centre organizes a host of different cultural programs in which outstanding Bulgarian actors take part.

About Obzor

Byala (2 300 habitants) is 60 km from Varna and 80 km from Burgas. The town is found 5 century ago. The production of wine in Byala is very good develop. Here is product the wonderful wine “Dimyat”. Byala is a sea resort too. In the beaches there are broad-leaved forest, the sea is warm and clean and it offer very good conditions. Many private lodgings are offered by the town.

Shkorpilovtsi stays at about 40 km south from Varna. The coastline is with lenght of 13 km and breadth up to 100 m. The clean beach binds with the outfall of Kamchiya and on the south site with resorts, which belong to Byala and Obzor. This is a unbelievably peaceful and charming place - perfect for family outings, especialy for families with small children, fishermen, adventurers and nature-lovers

Next tothe village you can find a forest reserve with rare plant and animal species, called Longoza. From South and North the area is surrounded by the two streams of river Shkorpilovska before she mouths into the Black sea. Here is the "Cherni nos" (Black cape) – the most northern point of the Balkan Mountain touching the Black sea

Panorama Holiday Village
Panorama Holiday Village situated 40 km south of the sea capital Varna, near to the Nature reserve "Kamchia". Located on the very shore of the sea in the old forest. The settlement works year round and offers you modern one-family bungalows (60 places) and two villas with excellent conditions for your vacation. Only one narrow forest road dividing the sea and clean beach from the Panorama Tavern.
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Rusalka Holiday Village
Its situated 40 km south of the sea capital Varna, near to the Nature reserve "Kamchia" and it is about 200 m far from the beach. The holiday village offers you modern one-family bungalows with excellent conditions for your vacation. Each bungalow has bathroom with a toilet, refrigerator, Cable TV, air-conditioning. There is a car park and a children's playground there too. Eeach bungalow can make your holiday more comfortable and pleasant. All season the guests is clear "Rusalka" with 40 seats.
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