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About Obzor

The Black Sea has an area of 413,448 sq. km, and it is one of the deepest in Europe (its depth reaches 2,245 m near the town of Crimea). Its water is of low salinity and warm, and near the coast it is green in colour. Following the political reforms in the past few years, industrial production has had a marked decrease, and this has led to a dramatic improvement in the ecological surroundings. No high or low tides are observed. The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is a combination of low mountains overgrown with abundant vegetation, and beaches with finely grained golden sand.

Some distance further from the valley of the Kamchia river, the Balkan Range reaches the valley of the Dvoynitsa river and ends by Obzor. The last part of the Balkan is the Emine Mount. It is wide and low, and it slopes down steeply into the valley of the Hadjiiska river. It ends at the Black Sea at the Cape of Emine which is 60 m high. Then the coast bends sharply to the west for almost 15 km, and after that bend the Bourgas Gulf begins. In this part of the town mostly deciduous forests can be seen, and there are also pastures and plots of arable land. The scenery is varied and very beautiful.

The town of Obzor is situated at the foot of this mountain in a cove between the capes of St. Athanasius and Emine, by the mouth of the Dvoynitsa river. The river's lowland is humid and very fertile. To the south of the river's firth is the beginning of Obzor's 10-km long beach. In places it is over 60 m wide. The sand is finely grained and golden in colour. The south beach and the Irakli beach are particularly beautiful. There the ridge of the Balkan Range slopes down to the sea coast starting from a 97-m high rock.

To the south-west are some hills - the Balabana, and about 5 km away the Manolova achma and Chekeles. There are also spas. To the north is the wooded hill called Debelata Baba (The Fat Granny). In the direction of the ancient forest are the hills called Yankutepe, Dulgiat surt and Kaleto.

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