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Shabla is situated about 25 km. from the Romanian border and 80 km. from Varna. There was an ancient Thracian settlement and later Roman city of Caria. About a very old drilling for oil that flows from mineral water with high sulfur content. In the sea around Shabla has over fifty ships and submarines sunk by the Germans of World War II. This makes Shabla preferred destination for underwater tourism. Launched by the local yacht club's annual yacht regatta along the Black Sea.

Council of Ministers residence in Shabla, which is available for visits and holidays, is intended as farm, described as the famous Bulgarian writer Yordan Yovkov. Was recovered from the yard a bird whole area at night and see lights on the Romanian coast. The base is surrounded by sea and of the purest lakes in Europe - Shabla and Ezereshkoto. In the yard of the residence grow over the 30-year old walnut, fig and ivy. Fountain and outdoor fireplace was built of stone sea is another attraction. You can fish the pier at the lake.

Shabla Cape is the easternmost point of the European Union, this place is first place in the Union, which is illuminated by the sun each morning. White light of Shabla lighthouse can be seen from 17 miles, it prevents ships from colliding with nearly underwater reef and the shallows between Cape Shabla and Tyulenovo village, located half the distance between the mouth of the Danube and the Bosphorus.

The lighthouse is the oldest (150 years) and highest in the country - 32 meters. Painted in red and white thumbnail, and a copy of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world - Alexandria lighthouse. The distance from the shore to the lighthouse has been preserved by 29 m. data in 1948 and today is only 13 m. It is surrounded by fishing village Caria.

The Shabla lake Protected area was launched in 1979 and is 3 km. the city. Merged two natural coastal lakes - Shablensko and Ezerets, bound together with artificial channel, separated from the sea with a sandy shore. It is among the most important wetlands in Bulgaria, with plants that rarely can be seen elsewhere. The lakes are the main migration route for birds Via Pontica, this can occur many threatened species, and over 70 species are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria. The protected area is of great importance for the conservation of the otter.

Durankulak is the first Bulgarian settle next to the Rumanian frontier. Durankulakís lake is a natural firth - attractive place for all of the fishermen. The lakeís water is weakly salt because of itís contact with the sea. The middle depth of the lake is 1.4 m, the maximum is 4 m. The lake is situated on the main road of the migratory birds Via Pontica.

A large island in the lake has a prehistoric necropolis of 2 500 years. Here were found the relics of the oldest and hugest Neolithic settle in Europe, there are finds of the first beginnings writing in the human history. This fids are before the Egyptís and Mesopotanianís. Impressive is the picture on the chest of womanís figure from Durankulak.

Krapec is small fish village of Black sea, 10 km northern from Shabla and 90 km from Varna and itís near the international road E87. Krapec is a calm place which is famous with its sand dune and its birds which nest and winter around it. The village is on the sea coast and itís roundabout from fields.

Only 4 km from the international road, Krapec is too far from the tourist steam, the atmosphere here is different from the full beaches of the resorts. The place is ecological clean. The beach line is over 6 km. here you can find one of the small virgin dunes of Black sea.
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Tyulenovo village is 10 km. from Shabla and 80 km. from Varna. The place is famous for its unique cliff and caves, fresh air and clear seawater. Reds descend steep shores of 20-30 meters down to the sea, with amazing underwater caves. The place has hardly been touched by civilization, great for fishing, rock climbing, extreme sports and underwater diving. The coastline is perfect for lovers of tents and pitch them on the rocks, and rocks-climbers.

Those who do not wish to be subjected to extreme experiences can stay in the village. Has two hotels, rooms offer many houses. Here is the first discovered oil field in Bulgaria, the old oil rigs are another attraction. In oil pumps removed and sulfuric curative mineral water, very useful against neuralgia and kidney disease.

Rusalka is old holiday village in the Bulgarian Black sea coast. It is situated in ecologically clean region. Since 1970 customers have of the French travel company "Club Mediteranee". There are 522 villas, in each villa has a living room and bedroom with excellent conditions for recreation. There are restaurants, day and night bars, kindergarten. There are 15 tennis court, yacht port, water skiing, jets, basketball and volleyball playground.

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