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Golden Sands, Aladja Monastery
Albena, Balchik, Kranevo
Saints Constantine and Helena, Sunny Day
Varna Region
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Tsarevo, Ahtopol, Sinemorec

Saints Constantine and Helena Resort is found 9 km north-eastern from Varna. The resort has an glory, which is because of the combination of the fresh air, mineral springs and sea. It was built in 1908 year in the surrounding area of the same name monastery. On the resort’s territory there are a lot of mineral springs, open air swimming pool with hot mineral water, balneotherapy resorts etc. In the resort are offered more than 50 hotels with swimming pools, sweet shops, restaurants, fitness halls and so on.

The mix of marine climate and hot mineral water give a chance for one wonderful rest and treatment. The restaurants are with wonderful cook. It’s expensive and that’s why the tourists prefer to eat in Varna. There are buses to Varna in every 10 minutes. Between St. Konstantin and Golden sands is the small resort Chajka. The Euksinovgrad Castle is southern of the resort.

Sunny day - if you want to be alone with the sun and the sea and if you want to be in one luxurious place - Welcome in Sunny Day resort. Here the beach is with wonderful fine sand. You can just stay and enjoy sunbathing. The resort has always been one of 12th best Europe beaches. It has been the winner of the ecological price “Blue flag” since 1996 year. In the resort’s hotels can rest 1150 gusts in 5 stars hotel Palace, 4 stars hotels Marina and Mirage and 3 stars hotel Veronica.

There is good security, the guards allow outside personalities in the resort only by good control. There are beach volleyball, billiards, balneotherapy with hot mineral water, curative mud, rehabilitation treatment different bath-tubs-pearly, mineral with herbs and natural ether oil and there is a sauna.

Saints Constantine and Helena Monastery - numerous churches and chapels have been erected on the Black Sea coast; some of them still exist, others have been destroyed in the course of the centuries. They were built by church benefactors as a tribute to particular saints. One of these medieval cloisters is St Constantine and Helena Monastery. There is no precise dating of the monastery’s founding. According to one of the accounts it happened at the beginning of XVIII c. During the Russo-Turkish war of 1828–1829, a part of the Russian troops was stationed in the area of monastery. After the troops had been gone, the hospital premises were turned into cells, which, together with the church, made the place a monastery centre.

Two venerable hieromonks – the brothers Teodosi and Agapi Kantardzhiev – came here in 1832. Father Teodosi organized and managed to establish St Demetrius Monastery. Meanwhile his brother, Father Agapi, reconstructed Sts Constantine and Helena. In January 1882 the Council of Ministers decided that “St Demetrius” monastery should be acquired for a summer residence - Euxinovgrad.

It is the summer of 1908 that is considered to be the start of the first modern sea resort in Bulgaria – St Constantine. The man, who created the Seaside Park in Varna – the Czech Anton Novak – began constructing today’s park round the monastery in 1925. The resort’s name was “Druzhba” (Friendship) until 1992, and the monastery ensemble was declared a museum, with divine services only during the tourist season. In 1992 the resort was renamed “Saints Constantine and Helena” – a name, worthy of such a place.

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