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Golden Sands, Aladja Monastery
Albena, Balchik, Kranevo
Saints Constantine and Helena, Sunny Day
Varna Region
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Golden sands (Zlatni pyasatsi) is a colourful and ecologically clean bay in the North Black Sea, 18 km from Varna, in the Golden sands Nature park. Most parts of the park are saved naturally. Thick forest of broad-leaved trees, wrapped in lianas is going to the sea shore. Among these incredible beautiful forest is situated the resort. The hotels, places for eating, sport and entertainment are not only by the beach, but also among the green parts. The golden like beach starts in the foot of the forest. Huge wealth of the resort are the curing mineral waters.

Golden sands has a “Blue flag” – international prize for ecologically clean resort. The length of beach shore is 3.5 km, and at some places it reaches 100 width and it is known as one of the best shores in Europe. The beach is even, covered with gold tiny sand. The sandy bottom of the sea slowly lays to the sea, missing rocks and sharp changes of the bottom. The pure and calm sea waters are with low content of salt. There is no dangerous fishes and animals and is suitable for water diving.

The climate is mild, temperate–continental. The middle temperature in the summer months is 27o, and of the sea water 24o. Sunbathing is possible from May till October. It is not hot because of the sea breeze. There is no huge temperature amplitudes. The mild and nice weather during the spring and autumn are good for balneo and sea curing, congress and conference events and short rest.

Attraction park “Aquapolis” is a beautiful water park, built in Moresque–Mediterranian style, in the northwest part of Golden sands. The park is situated in the forest with incredible view to the sea and the whole resort complex. In the natural park environment are created pools, water slides, jakuzi, fountains, waterfalls, towers and ruins. In Aquapolis can at the same time to present till 3000 visitors. There is a rock for climbing with seven routes on the project of the world champion in rock climbing Pedro Pons (Spain). Behind the rock is an amphitheater, waterfall, artificial lake and panoramic snack-bar “Alkazar”.

The resort club "Riviera" is in a natura park on the sea shore with a beautiful beach. Ex government residency with 500 rooms and apartments, 1000 beds in 5 hotels of different category. It offers a variety of mild sea climate, modern balneology and conditions for water sports. Ideal place for a family rest, elite and business tourism, having all the requirements for conferences and business events.

Natural park Golden sands is 17 km away from Varna, protected territory in 1943. The wold department for protecting the nature (IUCN) places the park in fifth category protected. The near sea and the climate influence to the flora and fauna in the park and it strongly differs from the other national parks. The forest massives of the park follow the line near the beach, wrap the resort complex and in the south part connect with the forests near Varna.

In the territory of the park are situated natural broad-leaf forests. Under protection are 20 rare and endangered from dissapearing species, 70 types of birds, and 25 mammals. Two hundred years plane-tree with height 200 m and width 4 m is the sightseeing of the park. There are five tourist routes with different complexity and duration. Along the routes are old fountains, places for rest with charming view to the sea.

Aladja Monastery - "Aladja" means colourful. The name is because the vivid wall paintings from the early Middle ages. Christianity in the suberbs of Odesos (today Varna) is spread in the second part of I C. and here the first christians made their rituals in peace. The rock monky rooms were settled during IV century. The oldest archeological ruins are from the Early Byzantine Epoch: monets from IV/V C and ceramics. The caves were used for protection at the time of barbarian attacks.

The monastery became fully completed in XII C. The rooms are hollowed out in the chalky rocks and are connected with an outside staircase. On the down floor are situated the rooms of the monks, the common parts (kitchen, dining room) and a small church, and the upper floor was for the chapel. Saved is a part of the wall paintings in the chapel. In the near is situated another monastery complex, called the Catacombs.

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