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The house “Starata loza” – “The old trellis vine” was built in the middle of the 19th century in the typical for the Rhodope mountain style. It is located 720 m altitude in the centre of the town of Devin and it is suitable for long stays, business-nights, tourism and missions. Since 1995 it is being on the touristic market. The house is a perfect place for You to relax and to indulge in recreation, cultural entertainment, as also to run Your business meeting.

The yard of the house really has an old trellis vine, which gives a a thick shadow in the summer and a barbecue, that the guests can enjoy. There is a beautiful view to Devin and to the mountain above the town from the veranda on the first floor. The house offers 5 double rooms, one suite and a dining room, where the guests can cook something alone if they want to. The rooms have a separated bathroom and cable TV.

There is a fireplace in the dining room, which gives the feeling of comfort and warmth in the winter. It is decorated in Rhodope style, with typical Rhodope costumes, musical instruments and hunting trophies. The food is being prepared on a preliminary request for guests, who can try the tasty Rhodope meals and any other dishes.

The guests of the house “Starata loza” may use the procedures in SPA Hotel Devin with 20 % discount of the price.

Single room – 20 Lv
Double room – 30 Lv
1 Bulgarian Lev = 0,511 €
Pohne: +359 52 504 021
+359 878 116 313
+359 884 880 516

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