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3, Mladejka str. Entr G, Ap 15
9009, Varna
Phone +359 52 504 021
+359 876 364 969
+359 878 392 993

Our company was founded in 1992 as in 1998, deals with the Internet. In 1998 created one of the Internet-coffee in Varna. The name "Mladost-Net” was known as a cable network in the Mladost City Region and as one of the first information and indicative Internet - portals.

Since 2000, we began to offer its customers one of the newest and most modern services then in advertising, which today has become a routine and integral part of our lives - WEB-design. Some of our developments in these years:

In 2003, a joint a Czech IT- company created pages and The site was extremely popular in the Czech Republic, received the award for the most visited Czech Tourist page in 2003

This is our last project, which has existed since March 2010 it showed places offer free WIFI-access: cafes, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, garages, public organizations, etc. This page is in three languages - Bulgarian, English and Russian. We create a network of representatives throughout the country that are to our clients at any time.

On request of the Public Committee for the Orthodox values, and Varna and Velikopreslavska Holy Bishopric, in 2004 developed a website - one of the first websites of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, with a very rich information. Besides the establishment, we provide and support page changes almost daily - news, public issues, religious holidays, etc.

Our experience with this site has helped us to create page a Eparchial Monastery St. Constantine and Elena of the same name resort This page also requires constant maintenance and upgrading. Abundant information, the five language versions and last but not least - very good promotion done by our company made a very popular page. In Bulgaria's rating of the largest World's Orthodox Internet portal "Universal Church", our site is consistently among the top 10 and was among the first in German, English and Romanian rating.

One of our latest developments are seven identical pages on wedding, for different cities of Bulgaria. The site offers much information on this most happy day in human life.

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