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Smolyan, Zlatograd
Pamporovo, Chepelare, Momchilovtsi, Rozhen
Batak, Tsigov Chark, Rakitovo
Peshtera, Bratsigovo, Krichim, Perushtitsa, Vacha
Devin, Dospat
Asenovgrad, Bachkovo and Arapovo Monasteries
Trigrad, Bujnovo, Yagodina
Croses peak, Narechen, Chudnite Mostove

Shiroka Laka is 23 km. northwest of Smolyan, 16 km. from Pamporovo and 22 km. by Devin. The village received its name from the ancient Bulgarian word Laka - curve, meandering. Announced for architectural and folklore reserve, it is known with Rodopian houses. There is a legend, one of the local landmarks, the church of St. Mary was built only 38 days in 1834. Unique iconostasis was painted by students of Dimitar and Zahari Zograf. Near the church is old school in 1835.

Besides its remarkable architecture, Shiroka Laka is famous for Rhodope song to the accompaniment of unique kaba-bagpipe. Many of the most famous Rhodope folklore singers and bagpipers the are born or taught here. In 1972 it was established Secondary musical folk songs and instruments school.

Stoykite (420 inhabitants) is a picturesque village 16 km. from Smolyan and 7 km. from Pamporovo. It consists of five neighborhoods. Offers incredible panoramic view, extremely clean environment, with many sunny days throughout the year. Tourists to enjoy diversified vacation close to crowded resort of Pamporovo, with its ski slopes and modern modes of entertainment.

In some neighborhoods are preserved ancient houses with original Rhodope architecture. In the village is one of the most beautiful churches in the Rhodope Mountains. There are two ski slopes, length the greater is 1500 m. Smaller in the center of the village and is easily accessible, broad, sloping and suitable for training beginners.

Gela is 7 km from Shiroka Laka. The village is one of the oldest in the Rhodopes. According to legend, this is the birthplace of Orpheus, in a near cave "The Devil's Throat", he entered into hell to seek his beloved Eurydice. Here grows the only unique Orpheus flower image which in antiquity was logging on coins. It is the only plant in the world, fall into a mock death. Its roots recover their activity, even if they stayed in a herbarium for several months.

About Chapel St. Elijah were discovered ancient Thracian mounds of noble leader. In the place Lomat found remnants of an ancient Roman road. Church of the Holy Trinity Church stands on the foundations of early Christian monastery of V century, which was destroyed by the Turks. Each summer the village is held by the National outplay bagpipes, attended over 10 000 visitors.

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