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Vratsa, Vratschanski Balkan Nature Park, Ledenika Cave
Gabrovo, Etura, Bojenci, Sokol's Monastery
Montana, Berkovitsa, Varshets, Chiprovtsi
Botevgrad, Etropole, Skravena
Troyan, Monastery in Troyan, Cherni Osum, Oreshak
Central Balkan National Park, Peak Botev
Shipka National Park-Museum

Stara planina mountain (The Balkan) is the biggest Bulgarian one. Itís long 550 km and it passes the country from the border with Serbia (Pass Vrashka chuka) to Black sea (Cape Emine). On north it borders with Danube plain, on south with Sofia valley, Sredna gora mountain and Gornotrakiska plane. The highest peak is Botev with 2376 m. The middle temperature around the peak is -8,9 oC in January and 7,9 oC in July. The most rainy are May and July and the less rainy is February. The snow cover is unevenly distributed with a different period of melting.

The Stara planina is the main watershed of Bulgaria. This spring rivers flowing into the Danube, and thence into the Black Sea: Lom, Ogosta, Yantra, Rusenski Lom, Kamchia. In the Aegean Sea flow into stara Reka, Tunja, Mochuritsa.

The Western Stara planina is 215 km. from the border with Serbia by the Zlatitsa pass. The highest peak is Kom (2016 m). There are a lot of possibilities of alpinism in the Vratschanski Balkan Nature Park, there are a lot of beautiful and huge caves. Here is found the picturesque Iskar's gorge.

The Middle Stara planina is between the Zlatitsas passage and the passage Vratnik. This is the highest and attractive part. Except the leader peak Botev, here are peak Vejen (2198 m.), Kupen (2169 m.), Ambaritsa (2166 m.) ... There are a lot of sanctuary and naturally parks: The valley of River Osum, Steneto, The Northern and Southern Djendem, the waterfall Raisko praskalo (Heavenly splash), Peeshtite skali (The Singing rocks), Stara reka (Old river), the waterfall Karlovsko praskalo. In the passage Shipka and the Natiomal Park-Memorial. In this part of the mountain are the Central Balkan National park, Monastery's of Troyan, Kapinovo, Dryanovo, Merdanya.

The Eastern Stara planina is from the passage Vratnik to the Black sea coast. Here the mountain is short, hilly and easily passable. The most visited is the Naturally park "Sinite kamani" (The Blue rocks) and the of the Bulgarian national revival towns.

Vratschanski Balkan Nature Park
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