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Kyustendil, Osogovo, Dupnitsa, Nevestino
Bankya, Slivnitsa
Pernik, Erma Gorge, Zemen Monastery

Bankya is about 10 km west from center of Sofia, and bordered by the metropolitan district Lyulin. The town is famous spa center, national center for rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular disease and to prevent threatened by them. The situation at the foot of Lyulin mountain, greenery and the many sunny days, moderate-continental climate with a slight mountain breeze, rich in negative ions and fonotsidi, mineral water springs - it makes Bankya prestigious national and international resort, ecological reserve of Sofia.

Rich sanatorium-resort facilities with highly qualified medical specialists have recovered from cardiovascular diseases and hundreds of thousands of stroke patients. Both spa-clinics are located in a picturesque park, a polyclinic, modern sanatoriums, rest homes, cozy hotels and residences, paths for treatment and prophylactic sports pitches.

In the area found the remains of churches, ceramics and coins from the Roman Empire. Interest are the church of St. Kirik and Julita, the monastery St. Petka. Each year during the hottest days - 15, 16 and 17 July to conduct traditional celebrations of the thermals and long life. It is known that then the water is the most healing. Those days are taken for a celebration of the city.

Hotels in Bankya

Slivnitsa in the northwest of the Sofia valley, 30 km. from Sofia and 25 km. from border with Serbia. Pass through the city international road E-80 and the rail line from Central Europe through Sofia to Istanbul. The town boasts chilly winter months, accompanied by strong winds. Northern hills of the field are the southernmost spurs of the Balkan Mountains, to the south are the northern spurs of the mountains Lyulin and Viskyar.

The city entered the Bulgarian history with the big fighting of 5-7 in November 1885, during the Serbo-Bulgarian War, called "Captains defeated Generals. In the region of Slivnitsa, Aldomirovtsi village, Tri ushi and Meka tsrev, created only 7 years ago Bulgarian army turned to flight the Serbs, attacked Bulgaria in the back during the difficult months after Unification with Eastern Rumelia.

The Granite Monument of Heroes in center of Slivnitsa was erected in 1935, the monument is 20 m. hight. Sculpture of two soldiers symbolized the spirit of the Bulgarian soldier. On the west side is placed of the tool, turned in the direction from which the attack came in 1885, the east side stands a sign with memorable and unforgettable words of the writer Ivan Vazov: "Bulgaria, they died for thee." At its base, at a depth of around 1.60 m is placed a bottle, which is stored in a letter to future generations.

Near the village Aldomirovtsi is built first soldier monument in Bulgaria (1891). In memory of Italian workers on the railway line Sofia - Dragoman, included in the digging of trenches during the war, the monument has Italian flag. In the village Gurgulyat was built grand pantheon of height 20 meters. At its center is a statue of Mother Bulgaria, sorrowful for lost children. Memorial ossuary in Slivnitsa perpetuated the memory of soldiers who died of his wounds outside the battlefield, and here are honored and victims of wars, the 1912-1918

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