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Borovets, Musala Peak
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Melnik, Rozhen monastery
Sapareva banya, Panichishte, Maljovitza

Bansko (925 m altitude, 14 000 inhabitants) it attracts for Bulgarian and foreign tourists throughout the year. The city offers various opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Skiing conditions are excellent and recently Bansko is among the most popular European ski resorts. The snow cover lasts from December to April, the alpine character of Pirin mountain provides excellent conditions for skiing.

The total length of ski runs is 65 kilometers to 26 kilometers ski-lifts and 16-kilometer road connects the ski slopes of Bansko. The tracks are safe and well maintained. The highest point is 2560 meters, the lowest of 1000 m. There are tracks of any complexity - 5 cars, 8 of medium difficulty, 2 hard.

Equipment and facilities are the last word in technology, and guarantees snow from 70 snow cannons, even in warm years. Bansko is a heavenly place for extreme skiers and snowboarders. Crazy heads descend on the so-called off runs. There is also a snowboard park, and 120 meter as a downhill slide. On the slopes there is entertainment for children - kindergarten, children's snow park, baby drags and turns, where kids walk quickly enviable successful skiing.

Bansko is not just a winter resort, a museum town, where old and new coexist together. The city has more than 140 monuments of culture. For guests organize folk festivals. Dozens of taverns offering delicious local specialties. Should not much time to find a good restaurant, nightclub or disco in the evening.

Hotels in Bansko

Velyanova house house is an architectural and ethnographic museum, a cultural monument of national importance. This is the original Bansko house from the Renaissance. The house was built only of stone and wood, with shelters in the ground floor and five rooms on two floors with a veranda. Valuable mural paintings and skilful fretwork.

The birthplace of Neophyte Rilski is a typical example of Bansko architecture from the end of the XVII and beginning of XIX century. From 1981 is a museum with two parts - the authentically preserved house and documentary exposure (letters and books).

The birthplace of the poet Nicola Vaptzarov was turned into a museum in 1952, has recovered from his childhood situation. In the museum are exhibited and copies of manuscripts of Vaptzarov, first publications of his poems. In the museum kept the suit, shirt and watch worn by the poet before his shooting in 1942.

Razlog is located between three mountains. Alpine peaks, beautiful scenery, warm mineral springs, protected natural sites and sites of world cultural and historical heritage, the ski slopes and the proverbial hospitality of local people, attract visitors from home and abroad. In the vicinity of the city has many archeological remains located in a picturesque locations. There are marble slabs from the III century. BC. The remains of the monastery "Sv.Iliya" from IV-VI century.

The architecture of the city represents a charming combination of styles from the Renaissance period, 30-ies of the last century and more modern trends. Church of St. George was built in 1834, interesting are covered with frescoes and woodcarvings and icons iconostasis. Historic museum in the Parapunov' House presents the lives of local people during the Renaissance. Razlog is the starting point for tourism to both the mountains Rila and Pirin. Predela Saddle is located 12 km from the city.

Dobrinishte its with lovely view to the most fair share of Pirin. It sweeps through the village. The end use railway station of picturesque narrow-gauge railway a line in Septemvri. According to the local the name results from the good things with which God presents strong mineral springs, intersection, the forests and the bodies of water on Pirin a mountain range. The settlement leads its beginning from the stone age. In VII-XIV c. a stronghold, guarding the river valley of Mesta from Byzantines. After the fall in Bulgaria sub-turkish thrall loses its importance, but the bulgarian spirit continues to live. A school is built in 1846.

In the village there are a mineral water with healing properties, a swimming pool with olympic sizes. Dobrinishte is a outlet point to the mountain hut. Sevond-seats tramway carries the link out between the two huts. The longest run in our country (5 km) is located there. Dobrinishte is a resort, situable about balneo-profilact and treatment, pedestrian, alphinism and ski-sport.

Banya one of the oldest villages in Razlog Valley. Founders and its first settlers were the Thracians. Residues of Thracian, Greek and Roman settlement has several locations. There are old revival houses (11 are cultural monuments) and the old Roman bath. In Banya there are 70 mineral springs with water temperatures around 55oC to be used in outdoor swimming pools and mineral baths. This in combination with natural resources, beautiful views to Pirin and Rila mountains, next to the ski center Bansko justify year-round tourist interest.

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