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Smolyan, Zlatograd
Pamporovo, Chepelare, Momchilovtsi, Rozhen
Batak, Tsigov Chark, Rakitovo
Peshtera, Bratsigovo, Krichim, Perushtitsa, Vacha
Devin, Dospat
Asenovgrad, Bachkovo and Arapovo Monasteries
Trigrad, Bujnovo, Yagodina
Croses peak, Narechen, Chudnite Mostove

Batak (4500 inhabitants, 1036 meters above) in the Western Rhodopes, 35 km from Pazardzhik and 155 km from Sofia. It is surrounded on all sides by hills of Batak Mountain. Here are the Protected area "Batashki snejnik - Karluk", not far from the town are among the highest peaks in the Rhodopes - Batashki snejnik (2082 m) and Golyama Syutkya (2185 m). The city has been preserved by strong winds, the summer is cool and pleasant. Winters are relatively warm, with many sunny days, but with heavy snowfall in the surrounding hills. The region has established itself as an attractive mountain resort.

The name of the Batak is associated with the April uprising, when the gives 5000 victims. In the center of town are the churches St. Sunday and St. Virgin Mary, historical museum, an ethnographic exhibition. Church of St. Virgin Mary is from 1912 and is one of the largest and most beautiful churches in Bulgaria. Old houses, historical and cultural monuments also deserves interest. In the vicinity of the city has nine existing chapels.

Church St. Sunday was built in 1813 for 75 days. Building is a stone groin, dug a meter and a half into the ground. During the April Uprising was the last stronghold for the people of Batak. Turks burn the church, but only wood part burn. After the Liberation, the church was turned into a charnel museum.

Beglika in the central part of the Rhodope mountains with about 1700 meters altitude. The picturesque mountain scenery attracts many tourists. Water Reservoirs and crystal clear rivers offer excellent fishing conditions. The rich diversity game favors the development of hunting tourism. There are two Reserves - "Golyam Beglik" protecting the pine trees. Dupkata Natural Phenomenon, which is under the auspices of UNESCO with diverse flora and fauna.

Shiroka Polyana (The Wide meadow) area located in the northwestern part of the Western Rhodopes, at an altitude of 1500-1700 m. Is beautiful forests with extensive lawns create excellent conditions for wildlife. Here are the reservoirs "Shiroka Polyana" and "Toshkov Chark", offering excellent conditions for sport fishing and relaxation.

Snezhanka (Snow wife) cave in Batak Mountain, it's small, difficult but extremely beautiful. In the cave are preserved remains of an outbreak of primitive people. Gets its name from the female figure in the largest hall - The Magic hall.

Jubilee cave is located 600 meters above sea level, with a length of about 1000 m. It was discovered in 1974 and is very well preserved. No form of cave karst groundwater, which is missing in a cave. This cave is a school of Speleology.

Batak Dam in the 6 km. from Batak, 15 km. of Velingrad and 35 km. of Pazardzhik. The resort has a recreation facilities, clubs and restaurants. The waters of the lake provide opportunities for water sports and fishing. In the vicinity are many lodges and hotels, the beauty and the fresh air of the Rhodopes. In summer the lake is an attractive place for camping, you can tents or caravans in the designated areas. Nearby are the Golyam Beglik and Dupkata Reserves.

Tsigov Chark is a beautiful resort on the coast of Batak lake, which offers excellent opportunities for hunting, fishing, water sports and entertainment. Prices are available to all wishing to visit this wonderful place. There are ski-lift, ski storage, plastic sleds and ski teachers. The track has a length of 1200 meters around it has convenient parking and restaurants, where to eat, sip and relax.

Family hotel Lydia
The newly built Hotel is a modern and comfortably furnished. The hotel has four rooms and offers accommodation for up to sixteen people. Spacious living room with fireplace and luxurious sofas. The kitchen is modernly equipped
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Villa Kalvachevi
The Hotel is located in the picturesque Rhodope Mountains in the center of Tsigov Chark. It is situated near the shore of the lake Batak with its magnificent view. Has four double and a triple rooms, three suites, one of them with Jacuzzi. All rooms have satellite TV and own bathroom. Double rooms are able to add an extra bed.
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Rakitovo in the western part of the Rhodope, 15 km. of Batak, 12 km. from Velingrad, 85 km. from Plovdiv and 50 km. of Pazardzhik. The name the settlement comes from Rakita (willow). In the past glory as a homespun and textile center. In 1963 he declared mountain resort, a good place for people suffering from asthma and lung disease. This is boarding school for children with similar problems. Mineral water also cure arthritis and digestive problems, work the company for bottling mineral water.

Clock Tower (1872) is one of the symbols of Rakitovo. Chapel St. Nicolas is located on a former monastery from the XIV century, the temple which was one of the largest in the country. State hunting farm fields there are all conditions for holidaymakers hunters.

Dorkovo village is surrounded by beautiful woodlands of Karkaria ridge, part of the Batak Mountain, 10 km. by Rakitovo. In the palaeontological field (natural landmark in 1990) have found fossils of mastodons of several million years - the most ancient discovered remnants of these animals in Europe. In 1985 it organized an international expedition led by Professor Thomas Erber.

Cepina medieval fortress is located northwest of Dorkovo of conical peak (1136 m). Enter into the fortress of the Bulgarian state in the middle of the IX century, was conquered by Byzantium in XI century, Tsar Kaloyan reappear again within the Bulgaria. His nephew Despot Alexius Slav became governor in the Rhodope Mountains and Tsepina was his capital. After the assassination of Kaloyan in 1207, Despot Slav is declared independent. The castle was impressive, with an area of 25 ha, in the highest part was a castle. In 1373 fortress was conquered by the Ottomans.

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