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Bugras (210 000) is found 390 km eastern from Sofia. Its situated in the western part of the Bay of Burgas on the peninsula, which is around three lakes. The climate is with soft winter and long sunny summer. The beach is character with a dark sands. Burgas is the forth city in Bulgaria.

The first habitants here ate the Thrakians. After that is a Roman town Deulrum, later Develt. There is a medical center near the variable mineral springs. Through the Middle ages is the stronghold Pirgos, from XVII century its name is Burgas. After the Bulgarian liberationthe town became a centre of the southern Black sea. Its a town with developed industry and commerce.

There is a beautiful Sea garden. The St. Brothers Ciryl and Methodius Cathedral, the Armenian Church, the Catholic Cathedral, the St. Virgin Mary and St. Ivan from Rila Churches very interesting.

The Historical Museum has collections of ancient colonies along the Black Sea and recent history. The Ethnographic Museum has a collection of traditional mummers' masks, costumes and objects of everyday life. In the Natural Museum exhibitions are set for the flora and fauna of the area.

April-Days of the classical German and Austrian music
May-June-The International Theatre festival The Aquariusera
July-Festival of the Opera and Classical music in memory of Emil Chakurov
August-International Folklore Festival
August-A week for the childish art
September-Competition for amusing song Burgas and the sea
December-International tournament of sport dance

In Burgas lake nest a lot of pelicans, ibis and herons. The Mandra's Lake is very important ornithologist reserve. There is an antique church on St. Anastasia island. The salt-cellars in the Burgas and Atanas lakes are very interesting. Village Krajmorie is found southern from Burgas. Its on the road to the old stronghold Pirgos. Otmanli Park is found 15 km from the city.

Mineral Baths in Burgas is one of the oldest Bulgarian spa resort, situated in the green area, vineyards and fruit orchards of 15 km northwest of Burgas, the altitude of 31 m. The water is useful for the treatment and prevention: diseases of the locomotory (joint diseases, lumbago, recovery after fractures of the bones), peripheral nervous system (neuralgia, neuritis, pleksitis), chronic gynecological disorders, chronic gastritis, renal stone disease and chronic pyelonephritis, gout, general prophylaxis and strengthen the body.

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