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Vratsa, Vratschanski Balkan Nature Park, Ledenika Cave
Gabrovo, Etura, Bojenci, Sokol's Monastery
Montana, Berkovitsa, Varshets, Chiprovtsi
Botevgrad, Etropole, Skravena
Troyan, Troyan Monastery, Cherni Osum, Oreshak
Central Balkan National Park, Peak Botev
Shipka National Park-Museum

The National Park "Central Balkan" is one of the biggest European national parks. It preserves unique nature, customs and means of livelihood of the Middle Stara planina mountain, in its highest parts of the Balkan. Here is the leader of Stara planina mountain - peak Botev (2376 m.). The park and eight of the reserves are in the list for protected territory of UNO. Boatin, Carichina, the Stene and Djendema are in the program of UNESCO “Person and Biosphere”. The other reserves are Northern Djendem, Stara reka (Old river), Kozia stena (Ruff wall), Peeshtite skali (The Singing rocks) and Sokolna (Falcon’s).

The dark and sheltered spots of the mountain are the kingdom of the biggest European inhabitant brown bear. It is a symbol of the National park. 30 kinds of bats live in Europe. In this place are met 18 of them in the caves and old woods. 8 of them are threatened with extinction. There are 1900 kind of plants, 30 kinds of them are just in Bulgaria, and here are 11 kinds. The woods are 61 % with average age 111 years old. The broad-leaved are with average age 121 years old.

The national park makes wonderful conditions of the development of tourism. Here everyone can feel the touch of the nature by riding a bicycle or a horse or just walking. There are local historical and natural science museums, ethnographical expositions, expositions of local crafts, the traditional folklore and religion feasts, mineral springs, pools. Everyone can find quiet in the mountain hut or village house or around the fire under the starry sky. There are 22 huts and some shelters in the park’s borders. Multitude tourist pathways are marked and they go to the most attractive nooks of the Balkan. Here everyone can feel the pleasure of the fast rivers and waterfalls.

Botev peak (2376 m) is the highest peak in Stara Planina. Located near the towns of Karlovo and Kalofer, he has built a meteorological station and a television tower. The shortest route to climb to the top (2,5-3 hours) is Rai hut. Other possibilities are from Pleven hut (3,5-4 hours), hut Turia and Vasil Levski hut for 3,5-4 hours. Botev Peak is part of the tourist route Kom-Emine, who is the final of the international tourist route E3.

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