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Smolyan, Zlatograd
Pamporovo, Chepelare, Momchilovtsi, Rozhen
Batak, Tsigov Chark, Rakitovo
Peshtera, Bratsigovo, Krichim, Perushtitsa, Vacha
Devin, Dospat
Asenovgrad, Bachkovo and Arapovo Monasteries
Trigrad, Bujnovo, Yagodina
Croses peak, Narechen, Chudnite Mostove

Devin (7 000 inhabitants) is located in the 710 meters above sea level, in a small valley, 2 km. the merger of Devin and Vacha River, 45 km. northwest of Smolyan and 220 km. from Sofia. The municipality is rich in karst springs, rivers, reservoirs, and hot mineral springs. The city is known since antiquity. During the Thracian existed settlement Diov, which Slavs called Dyovlen. Fortress was conquered by the Turks after a three-month siege. The oldest document is a town of 1576. During the conversion to Islam began in 1671 when Sultan Mehmed IV, who led the entourage of 3 000 people and 30 000 soldiers.

No other city in the Balkan Peninsula, with so many spas and healthy climate. The city has three spa complex, offering balneotherapy, mud, paraffin and algae treatment, physical therapy and physiotherapy. Mineral springs are a few places. Devin's water at 37-45oC, and is used in gastrointestinal, biliary, liver, kidney, urologic, exchange-endocrine, skin, diseases of the locomotor system, nervous, sex, cardiovascular systems, and for sport and prophylactic purposes.

Hotels in Devin

Water in the neighborhood Nastan is sulphate, sodium hydro-and is used to treat gastrointestinal, renal, metabolic and urology-endocrine diseases. "Mihalkovo" has a temperature 16-26oC, the most effervescent in the country. Favorable for treatment of cardiovascular and endocrine-metabolic diseases, diseases of the digestive tract and nervous system. "Beden" is 12 km. from Devin, with temperatures 73-76oC and treats diseases of the locomotor system, gynecological and skin diseases.

Nature of the region is incredibly beautiful. Devin River Valley Protected area is a picturesque gorge with impressive rock formations and shapes, many rare and endangered plant and animal species. The river has sculptured many beautiful pools and meanders, built an eco-trail and fishing area. The Kaleto is are the ruins of the old fortress and medieval village. Outdoor swimming pools in the Struilitsa area attract many visitors. In around 30 minute transition is located waterfalls Struilski Dol. Lisichevo and Chural are 15 km. northwest of Devin, a preferred place for rest and relaxation for citizens and guests of the city.

Dospat in the Western Rhodopes, some 200 km. from Sofia. Under Aegean influence climate is mild. Climatic conditions have a mountain to late spring, cool summer and warm autumn. In winter snow is kept, there are good conditions for winter sports. Dospat emerged as an important military stronghold during the XIII century, built by Despot Alexius Slav, which gives the name of the city. For many years the around forests were called The Slav's forests. During the Ottoman invasion of the Balkans, as an independent ruler in this region is legendary Krali Marko (Prince Marko). Interest are acropolis in Barutins, Roman bridges, Dikchan peak, etc.

Dospat Dam is 1200 meters above sea level - the highest in Bulgaria and the second largest. Nature around the lake is incredibly beautiful, with majestic views. The ancient forest of spruce and pine are like a ring around the lake. The dam is rich in fish - perch, carp, chub, bleak, rudd and trout, there are excellent conditions for fishing. Nearby are dams Vacha, Sarnitsa, Beglika, Batak and Shiroka Polyana.

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