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Vratsa, Vratschanski Balkan Nature Park, Ledenika Cave
Gabrovo, Etura, Bojenci, Sokol's Monastery
Montana, Berkovitsa, Varshets, Chiprovtsi
Botevgrad, Etropole, Skravena
Troyan, Monastery in Troyan, Cherni Osum, Oreshak
Central Balkan National Park, Peak Botev
Shipka National Park-Museum

Gabrovo (77 000 c) is in the northern foot of the Central Balkan of Yantra river. It is found 220 km from Sofia and 270 km from Varna, near the geographical center of Bulgaria. In the Middle Ages it’s settle for protection of the Balkan’s passages. The founder of the town is Racho Kovacha (The Smith Racho), who shoed here the horses of the convoys. He arranged his fireplace under a huge hornbeam, which gave the name of the town. Today the memorial of Racho Kovacha raises in the Yantra’s waters. This place is not accidentally chose. According to one of the numerous anecdotes for the thrifty Gabrovo’s people there is a lot of place in the river and the memorial won’t take up useful surface.

In the end of the XII century the town developed near the important centre - the capital Tarnovo. In the times when Bulgaria was in the servitude to the Turkish, Gabrovo is big craft and commercial centre. In 1860 is created the first factory and the settle is proclaimed as town. Sightseeing are the Historical museum, the Art gallery, The Baev bridge (1855), the church “The Assumption”, The Watch tower.

House of Humor and Satire is unique in the world, Gabrovo is a world capital of humor. It sets out the works of artists from 153 countries. House not only meet, but also explore and promote humor and satire. During the year the town hosts the International Biennial of Humor and Satire.

National Museum of Education kept the history of Bulgarian education. It is housed in a monument of culture of the historic building Aprilov school. Here, on January 2, 1835 opened the first Bulgarian secular school. For the purpose of creating the first school textbooks, aids and appliances. From 1872 the school grew into a full first Bulgarian school in oppressed lands. Since 1889, it adopted the name of his benefactor Vasil Aprilov and called Aprilovska school.

Unique ethnographic park, outdoor museum Etura is 8 km from the center of Gabrovo on the banks of the river Sivek. Small cobbled streets with lanterns, stone fountains, mills, old clock tower and houses, craft workshops recreate the spirit of the Bulgarian Revival. Museum exhibition reveals the architecture, lifestyle and holding during the Renaissance. Then in Gabrovo developed over 25 trade, products are market in Bucharest, Vienna, Marseilles, Anatolia.

Visitors can observe with my own eyes the process of making silver ornaments, pottery vessels, bronze tools, knitwear, traditional food and costumes. Are organized and specialized training.

Architectural History Reserve Bojenci is a small village, a monument of the Bulgarian Revival architecture with over 600 years of history. Situated on the banks of the river Bojanka springing close. According to legend, was founded by the Countess Bojana, escaped in the mountains after the fall of Veliko Tarnovo from the Turks. The village formed its architecture in XVII century. The village has several colorful pubs, cafes, pastry shops, souvenir shops and many small family hotel.

Uzana is below the peak Ispolin (Giant) of 1240 meters above sea level, near the sign marking the geographic center of Bulgaria. Attractive is crystal clear mountain air, peace and the gifts of nature, home to many tourist itineraries. Usana hosts guests in a warm and cozy hotels, chalets and holiday homes. In summer the area offers a pool, horse facilities, berries and mushrooms. In winter is a paradise for skiers. There are trails of varying difficulty, lifts, ski - wardrobe and carriage horse.

Sokolski Monastery (The Falcon's monastery) "Holy Assumption" is situated 15 km from Gabrovo. In the autumn of 1832 Archimandrite Joseph Sokolski arrived in his native region, accompanied by a priest Agapiy. They choose the stone terrace in front Sokolova cave site of the new monastery and carve the first church in the limestone rock. Dedication was made by Bishop Hilarion of Turnovo on August 15, 1834.

The current church was built in 1834, as are the murals and iconostasis is made in 1862 by Tryavna masters. It is believed that the icon of the Mother of God, with the infant placed in a small iconostasis from the left side of the church, is miraculous. Precious architectural monument in the courtyard is a great circularity fountain built by Kolyu Ficheto. The monastery, including murals were recently restored with assistance from the European Union.

In the northern part of the monastery has a beautiful chapel with the iconostasis and icons of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, painted by the great master Zahari Zograf.

Gabrovo, Etura, Bojenci, Sokol's Monastery
Sokol's Monastery
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