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Hisarya (Hisar) is in the southern slopes of Sredna gora mountain, 360 m above sea level high. The town is protected by the wind. On the southern part it is wide open to the Thracia’s sun. The climate is transitional-continental. The summer is hot and the winter is temperate and soft. The snow cover is of short duration, the mist’s days are 11-14 an year. The town is roundabout of parks and gardens, without industrial enterprises.

There are 22 mineral springs, with a temperature 37-51 oC. The water is weakly mineralize, without colour and sense of smell, with nice taste. It can use for drinking. The biggest proof of the curative power of the Hisarya’s water is the Museum of the renal calculus. It is an incrediblecollection which contains 12 000 renal calculus, there is one which weight is 560 grams.

The first inhabitants were the thracians tribe besy. Later comes the Macedonians and when the Romans were governed the town-resort Dioklecianopol was appeared. It was the thirth city in the province Thracia, after Filipopol (Plovdiv) and Beroe (Stara Zagora). The town was built according to the requirements of the Roman town-planning: wide and straight strees, statues of gods and goddess, marble baths, beautiful castels and villas. It is surrounded with strongold one, of the best preserved on the Balkan peninsula.

One of the most visited social places was the amphitheatre. The people used the sun-dial, for base was used marble capital. In IV and V c the town became a domicile of bishop and there were built 10 churches. In the second half of XVII c the settlement was named Hisar (Stronghold on Arabian) from Turkish. The territory of the town which is in the stronghold and the preserved culture memorial is reported for archeological reserve.

In 1892 the Swiss engineer Lui Shevalas makes the first park near today bath Topolica. Later there were formed the parks near the spring "Momina banya" (Girl’s bath), The Summer theatre and the Residence. There are sanatoriums, hotels and villas in the huge parks. About 1000 decares green area with more than 300 kinds of plants, some of them are protected in the Red book of Bulgaria. The parks are part of the curative complex. There are ground paths situated on the alley for physical and respiratory drills.

Thracian tomb in Starosel is archaeological sensation, the largest ever found cult Thracian royal mausoleum complex. The archaeological findings testify to the region 7.8 thousand years ago settlements. In the V century BC here was situated the ancient Thracian settlement with the powerful chiefs and rich aristocrats. There are 9 mounds with unique architectural elements and flower arrangements.

The tomb is impressive with an impressive stone wall, parade staircase, corridor and religious site. The entrance is from plates with plastic and colorful decoration, the huge circular dome camera is polukoloni and colorful ornaments. The northern side of the temple was dug rock bath for production and storage of wine. 10 columns with capital in the early Doric.

Kozya gramada (Goats heap) is Thracian architectural complex of V-IV century BC, 20 km north of Starosel. There are several monumental buildings, surrounded by a fortress wall. The central building is an impressive residence of the ruler. There are many coins of the Thracian Kings Teres II, Cotis I and Amatok, double ax (labris) - a symbol of royal power in the Thracian culture.

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