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VIII C.B.C. Thracian tribes. Greece colonies on Black seas coast: Apolonia, Mesembria, Odesos and so on
V C.B.C. Odrian Thrace' Kingdom
IV C.B.C. Thrace' Kingdom Seutus III
I C.B.C. The Roman Empire Provinces Mizia and Thrace.
395The Byzantine Empire
VI-VII C.Slav's and Proto-Bulgarians were settled
681 The First Bulgarian State at the head with Khan Asparuh. Capital - Pliska
803-814Khan Krum captures Serdika(Sofia). The first laws
865 The Christianity was accepted by St Prince Boris I
885he Slavonic writing was spread by St Brothers Ciril and Methodius
893-917King Simeon. Golden century of Bulgaria. Capital - Preslav. he biggest territorial enlargement of Bulgaria. Independent Bulgarian Patriarchate. uccessful wars with Byzantines. Cultural bloom.
1018Bulgaria was conquered by the Byzantines
1185-1187 The rebellion of Asen and Peter. The Second Bulgarian State.
1204King Kaloyan put the Crusaders to rout
1218-1241King Ivan Asen II. Bulgaria has again outlet on three seas: Black sea, Aegean sea and Adriatic sea. Independent Bulgarian patriarchate
1393Tarnovo was conquered by the Turkish empire
1396Bulgaria was conquered by the Turkish empire
VIII-I C.Regeneration of the Bulgarian nation
1876The April Uprising
1877-1878War between Russia and Turkey for Bulgarian freedom
03.03.1878 The Third Bulgarian state. Peace of San Stefano treaty unites almost the whole Bulgarian lands: Misiya, Thracia, Macedonian, Northern Dobrudja, Aegean Thracia, Nish and Leskovac
1878Berlin pact: "Fragmentation of Bulgaria". Bulgarian Principality (it was in vasselage with Turkey, with capital Sofia), and province Eastern Rumelia were created. Macedonian, Solun and Odrin were in the Turkey. Pirot and Vraniya were in Serbia.
06.09.1885The Union of Eastern Rumelia with the Bulgarian Principality
1885War between Bulgaria and Serbia. Victory for Bulgarian army
1903The "St Prophet Iliya - St Transfiguration" Uprising
22.09.1908The independence of Bulgarian kingdom was announced
1912-1913First Balkan War. Southern Thracia and Macedonia were free
1913Second Balkan War. Bulgaria was attack from 5 states, loss of territory. First national catastrophe
1915-1918First World War
1919Neuilly peace treaty - Second national catastrophe
1940-1945Participation in Second World War
07.09.1940Krayova agreement - return of Southern Dobrudja
1941Macedonia and Western Thracia are free
05.09.1944USSR announce war of Bulgaria. Soviet occupation of the country
08.09.1946Referendum against the monarchy. Proclaiming of National republic
1989The beginning of the democratics changes

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