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With the richness and diversity of hydrothermal waters, Bulgaria is among the richest countries in Europe. Bulgarian mineral waters with varied chemical composition, mineral, gas and microorganisms. The climate is continental and Mediterranean, are no more severe storms in Northern Europe and the Saharan heat of Maediteranean sea. The combination of mineral springs and medicinal mud are favorable for year-round recreation, treatment and rest.

Balneological climatic features are used from time immemorial. Flourishing Thracian settlements occurred around mineral springs. The Romans created the largest settlements Augusta (Hissar), Desudava (Sandanski) Pautalia (Kyustendil), Serdica (Sofia) and many others. Spa centers are built Emperor Trajan, Septimius Severin, Maximilian, Justinian.

Bulgaria is one of the first places in the world in a variety of herbs with great medicinal properties. This enormous wealth of natural factors, combined with modern hotels and spa centers allow for year-round treat. Large spa centers are: Sandanski, Velingrad, Hissar, Kyustendil, Kostenets, Devin, Sapareva Banya, Varshets and others.

Black sea resorts are Albena, Golden Sands, Riviera, Sunny Day, St. Constantine and Elena Pomorie. Ample opportunities for rest and treatment in a mountain resorts. Magnificent scenery, clean air, mineral waters are their invaluable treasures.

The Resort Albena has 5 km long and 150 m wide beaches. It is situated in a picturesque bay, 30 km. north from Varna. There is a very good combination of fresh air, good beach, crystal clear sea water and luxuriant vegetation in the resort. The hotels are terraced and there is a great amount of sunlight. There are 43 hotels with 1 to 4 stars. The resort is one of the most expensive resorts on the Bulgarian shoreline. There are three camp-sides: “Albena”, “International” and “Ekzotika”.
Information about Albena
Bankya is about 10 km west from center of Sofia, and bordered by the metropolitan district Lyulin. The town is famous spa center, national center for rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular disease and to prevent threatened by them. The situation at the foot of Lyulin mountain, greenery and the many sunny days, moderate-continental climate with a slight mountain breeze, rich in negative ions and fonotsidi, mineral water springs - it makes Bankya prestigious national and international resort, ecological reserve of Sofia.
Information about Bankya
Banya - Bansko region
Banya one of the oldest villages in Razlog Valley. Founders and its first settlers were the Thracians. Residues of Thracian, Greek and Roman settlement has several locations. There are old revival houses (11 are cultural monuments) and the old Roman bath. In Banya there are 70 mineral springs with water temperatures around 55oC to be used in outdoor swimming pools and mineral baths. This in combination with natural resources, beautiful views to Pirin and Rila mountains, next to the ski center Bansko justify year-round tourist interest.
Information about Banya
Banya - Karlovo's mineral baths
Banya - Karlovo's mineral baths is in the foot of a middle forest in the valley of river Stryama. The resort is 45 km from Plovdiv and 15 km from Karlovo and Hisarya. The nature around the village is very impressive and it makes very good possibilities of rest and tourism. In the resort there are over 10 mineral springs with a temperature 35-50.5oC. There are formation of a medical peat - mineral mud. The climate is very situable about medical and rehabilitation.
Information about Banya
Belchin in the picturesque valley of the River Palakaria, between the mountains Rila, Verila, Vitosha and Plana. It lies 50 km. from Sofia and only 15 minutes from Borovets. The village has an exceptionally mild and healthy climate and beautiful scenery, mineral water with proven preventive and curative effects. Belchin is located close to various tourist routes.
Information about Belchin
Berkovitsa is in the northern parts in Western Stara planina mountain, 90 km. from Sofia. It’s discovered from IV century. The first time the name of Berkovica is called in written document from 1491. It’s develop as a craft town. The house-museum "Ivan Vazov' is a value architect memorial with interesting architectural with a wood ceilings and authentic fire-place In the neighbour museum there is a constant ethno exposition. The clock tower is from 1762. The hill Kaleto is forest park, which save Berkovitsa from the strong winds.
Information about Berkovitsa
Burgas Mineral Baths
Mineral Baths in Burgas is one of the oldest Bulgarian spa resort, situated in the green area, vineyards and fruit orchards of 15 km northwest of Burgas, the altitude of 31 m. The water is useful for the treatment and prevention: diseases of the locomotory (joint diseases, lumbago, recovery after fractures of the bones), peripheral nervous system (neuralgia, neuritis, pleksitis), chronic gynecological disorders, chronic gastritis, renal stone disease and chronic pyelonephritis, gout, general prophylaxis and strengthen the body.
Information about Burgas Mineral Baths
Chiflik is located in North Bulgaria in 170 km on the north-east from the Sofia in the theritory of the Troyan Balkan. The mineral water with temeperature 50 degrees which springs from 1000 m. deepness fills large open swimming pool with olympic dimensions and some smaller ones in the every in mountain resorts neighbourhood.
Information about Chiflik
No other city in the Balkan Peninsula, with so many spas and healthy climate. The city has three spa complex, offering balneotherapy, mud, paraffin and algae treatment, physical therapy and physiotherapy. Mineral springs are a few places.
Information about Devin
In the village there are a mineral water with healing properties, a swimming pool with olympic sizes. Dobrinishte is a outlet point to the mountain hut. Sevond-seats tramway carries the link out between the two huts. The longest run in our country (5 km) is located there. Dobrinishte is a resort, situable about balneo-profilact and treatment, pedestrian, alphinism and ski-sport.
Information about Dobrinishte
Dolna Banya
The water in these springs is slightly mineralized, alkaline, radioactive, with the temperature is 62-65îŃ. The waters are suitable for treatment and prevention of diseases of the locomotor system and posttraumatic conditions, respiratory and nervous systems, gynecological and skin diseases, secondary anemia, problems with metabolism and the prevention of caries due to its high content of fluorine.
Information about Dolna Banya
Golden sands
Golden sands (Zlatni pyasatsi) is a colourful and ecologically clean bay in the North Black Sea, 18 km from Varna, in the Golden sands Nature park. Most parts of the park are saved naturally. Thick forest of broad-leaved trees, wrapped in lianas is going to the sea shore. Among these incredible beautiful forest is situated the resort. The hotels, places for eating, sport and entertainment are not only by the beach, but also among the green parts. The golden like beach starts in the foot of the forest. Huge wealth of the resort are the curing mineral waters.
Information about Golden sands
Gotse Delchev
Mineral springs in the region of the villages of Ognyanovo, Garmen, Marchevo and Zagrade, which are about 10 km away from the town. The springs are about 16 in number. The mineral water is pure, without a smell and with a pleasant taste; its temperature is about 39-43 oC.
Information about Gotse Delchev
Hisarya (Hisar) is in the southern slopes of Sredna gora mountain, 360 m above sea level high. There are 22 mineral springs, with a temperature 37-51oC. The water is weakly mineralize, without colour and sense of smell, with nice taste. It can use for drinking. The biggest proof of the curative power of the Hisarya’s water is the Museum of the renal calculus. It is an incrediblecollection which contains 12 000 renal calculus, there is one which weight is 560 grams.
Information about Hisarya
Mineral springs are 47-73oŃ temperature, water is slightly mineralized, hydrocarbonate, sodium sulphate, slightly fluorine, with a little joy, much lower total water hardness. The springs were known in antiquity, are preserved remains of Roman baths and spa facilities.
Information about Kostenets
Kyustendil is one of the oldest Bulgarian towns. Attracted by the mineral springs, the Thracians founded a settlement in the V century BC. In I century the Romans turned it into an important fortress and spa resort Pautalia. The climate is continental-Mediterranean. Mineral water is a constant chemical content and temperature, clear, colorless, with a pleasant taste. Nearby is a peat mine near the village of Baikal.
Information about Kyustendil
Merichleri is 60 km east of Plovdiv, 150 m above sea level. The mineral water is used for treatment and prevention of diseases of the digestive tract, the metabolism, diabetes, gout and chronic intoxication by heavy metals.
Information about Merichleri
Momin Prohod
Momin Prohod is a spa resort of national importance, has sanatorium for spa and rehabilitation. During the Ottoman rule the village was known by the name Soludervent (Water Pass). There are nine mineral springs with water temperature 56îŃ and radioactivity second in Bulgaria, third in Europe and 25th in the world. The water in relieving and treating diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems and the problems of metabolic and other allergies.
Information about Momin Prohod
Narechen is 22 km south from Asenovgrad, 40 km from Plovdiv and 38 km from Pamporovo. It is located in a gorge of the river Assenitsa among deciduous and coniferous forests on the slopes of the Middle Rhodopes, at a height of 620-660 meters above sea level. The climate is transitional continental with Mediterranean influence. Average air temperature is about 9.5oŃ, summer is not hot and winter is warm. Those favorable climatic indicators determine the resort and climate.
Information about Narechen
Pavel Banya
Pavel banya in situated on 185 km from Sofia, 20 km from Kazanlak and 85 km from Plovdiv. The balneology centre with national and international meaning. The curative mineral waters are from 7 natural sources, the temperature of some of them is 63oC. Most of them contend fluorine and they are feedly mineralize. The high contents of fluorine and the hot temperature contribute for treatment of the articulations.
Information about Pavel Banya
Pomorie established in the V century BC. as a Hellenic colony Anhialo. Trade, get the salt, fishing and wine contribute to its prosperity. City was burning and constructed by the Romans and Byzantines, Crusaders, Turks and Bulgarians. Unique historical and cultural monuments are the Thracian domed tomb, the churches and monasteries and architectural reserve "Old Pomorie houses. The region produces red and white wines, special luxury brandies and cognacs. The city is a center for medical tourism in the sanatoriums enjoy the healing properties of the famous Pomorie mud.
Information about Pomorie
Rakitovo in the western part of the Rhodope, 15 km. of Batak, 12 km. from Velingrad, 85 km. from Plovdiv and 50 km. of Pazardzhik. In 1963 he declared mountain resort, a good place for people suffering from asthma and lung disease. This is boarding school for children with similar problems.
Information about Rakitovo
Saints Constantine and Helena
Saints Constantine and Helena Resort is found 9 km north-eastern from Varna. The resort has an glory, which is because of the combination of the fresh air, mineral springs and sea. It was built in 1908 year in the surrounding area of the same name monastery. On the resort’s territory there are a lot of mineral springs, open air swimming pool with hot mineral water, balneotherapy resorts etc. In the resort are offered more than 50 hotels with swimming pools, sweet shops, restaurants, fitness halls and so on.
Information about Saints Constantine and Helena
Sandanski is situated on the foot of Pirin mountain near the mouth of Sandanska Bistrica river. It is famous with its unique climate and mineral waters which are almost 83 oC. The middle year temperature is 14.7 oC. The winter is soft and short and the autumn is warm and continued. The town is known with its best public health station for bronchia asthmatic in Europe. The resort is recommended for medication of chronic pulmonary illnesses.
Information about Sandanski
Sapareva Banya
Sapareva Banya is 75 km. southwest of Sofia, at the northern foot of Rila. This is a geyser with a water temperature of 103oC. Resorts and medical institutions specializing in treatment of diseases of the locomotor system, peripheral nervous system, lesions of the central nervous system, gynecological diseases, acute and chronic poisoning, skin diseases, upper respiratory tract and others.
Information about Sapareva Banya
Sliven Mineral Bats
Sliven's Mineral Bat's are located in the valley of the river Tundja, at 12 kilometers southwest of Sliven, 245 meters of altitude. The climate is transitional-continental. The mineral water its hot, low mineralized. It is useful to treat the following diseases: digestive (gastrointestinal, liver, biliary, chronic pancreatitis), locomotory and peripheral nervous system.
Information about Sliven Mineral Bat's
Stara Zagora Mineral Baths
Mineral baths of Stara Zagora is a resort with a millennial history, situated in the southern woodlands of the branches Sredna gora, 12 km from Stara Zagora. Of Thracian and Roman times have been reserved interesting monuments - pools of transparent marble, balneological bathing facilities and other facilities. The climate of the resort is transitional continental euphemistic of Mediterranean influence. The mineral water is hot, slightly mineralized. Treatment and prevention include the following conditions: The locomotory of the peripheral nervous system, gynecological, urological and renal-gastrointestinal.
Information about Stara Zagora Mineral Baths
Strelcha is located 40 km. north of Pazardzhik, 60 km. from Plovdiv, 14 km. from Panagyurishte and 100 km. east of Sofia. The mineral water is hot and slightly mineralized. Useful for the treatment and prevention of the locomotory system, peripheral nervous system, gynecological diseases, exchange-endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, urological, skin, gastrointestinal and liver-biliary disease.
Information about Strelcha
Shipkovo is located in the zone of the National park “Central Balkan”. The water is with a temperature of 18 to 38oC, as the treatment is with dring and balneologicall center. In the region of the resort there are a lot of tourist attractions, itineraries and ĺcî-roads.
Information about Shipkovo
Varshets is in small valley on the river Botunya, 90 km northern from Sofia. It’s a climate resort with a medicinal mineral springs, a beauty natural, wide park and a warm mountain climate. It’s one of the oldest resort town in Bulgaria with warm and long autumn, the summer is cool, the winter is comparatively soft. In Varshets there are excellent resort base and a good equipment private lodging.
Information about Varshets
The climate of Varvara combine features of mountain and plain, the winter is mild and the summers cool. The presence of hot mineral springs gives unique exoticism of the area. Barbarian mineral springs (15 in number) are in the gorge of the river Chepinska. Here is the second source of heat in Bulgaria - 92oC, with sulfur. The remaining 14 springs with various chemical composition, treating diseases of the locomotor system.
Information about Varvara
Velingrad is on 800 m. height, 120 km from Sofia and 85 km from Plovdiv. It is the biggest SPA Resort in Bulgaria, it was established in 1948 by the combining of three villages. The plenty of mineral water, modern and comfortable baths, mild climate and the beautiful nature attracts over 200 000 tourists a year. Here fogs fall very rarely. The winter if clam with good conditions for skiing and the summer is cool.
Information about Velingrad
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