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Koprivshtitsa, Klisura, Peak Bogdan

Koprivshtitsa (2 600 c) is found nex to Topolnica river, 110 km from Sofia and 80 km from Plovdiv. Town-museum with more than 250 memorial of the architecture from the Bulgarian revival. It has been existed since XIV c. The rich and refined settlement was robbed and burned outthree rimes and it was reconstructed. The people in Koprivshtitsa are good dealers. They reached to Istanbul and Aleksandria. In XIX c the population of the town was 12 000 and there were built wide houses, schools, churches, fountains and bridges. In 1837 it was opened the first school.

In 1867 Vasil Levski found revolutionary committee. On 20 04 1876 here started "The April rising". This is the beginning of the heroic April epic of the Bulgarian nation. Todor Kableshkov published the rising and Georgi Benkovski is the leader of this rising. The town is the born place of many others great Bulgarians.

Koprivshtitsa is one of the little towns with completely preserved architecture from the Revival period. The houses are with colourful yards, roundabout of high stone walls and gates. The streets are narrow with numerous fountains. The town is a starting point of many tourist roates and eco-roads. From this place you can go to the biggest peak of Sredna gora mountain - "Bogdan" (1604 m.s.l.) and so on.

The Oslekova house is the most famous architecture and ethnofraphy memorial of the town. In the born house of Georgi Benkovski are kept the wooden tool and the flag of the insurgent. The most liric house can devine the house of the poet Dimcho Debelyanov with the grave of his mother. Interest are the Church St. Nikola and the Mausoleum-ossuary from 20 April.

Hotels in Koprivshtitsa

Klisura is known in Bulgarian history with the act of heroism of "The April rising" and with the legend for Borimechkata (The men who fought with a bear), who today stays on the “entrance” of the town. Here the people shooted with the famous cherry pellets. The ruins of the chutch “St. Nicolas Wonder worker” still remember for 1876. Relics from the past are the Pavurdjieva and the Kozinarova houses with the historical well. Every year there is an official tattoo-check-up, when everyone can hear the anthem of the town “The desert Klisurians”.

The first restored building after the Liberation is the Chervankova house - typical model of the revival architecture. Today it is an ethnography museum with an authentic store from that time. The only museum of the potatoes in Bulgaria is found in Klisura. In the Kozinarova house there is an ethnography exposition with the life style of the Bulgarian woman from XIX c. with the typical work room. The Pazurdjieva house is with elegant mural paintings and the only one in the town with surviving old rose-distillery.

Peak Bogdan named the legendary rebel leader Bogdan and with its 1604 meters is the highest peak in the Sredna gora. On all sides surrounded by woods, found a wonderful view. At the southern foot of the summit has huge rocks covered with moss and geranium, which are called Clover cave. Below the top rising rivers Pyasatchnik, Kriva reka and Luda Yana.

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