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Borovets, Musala Peak
Bansko, Razlog, Dobrinishte
Velingrad, Yundola
Kostenets, Dolna Banya
Belitsa, Yakoruda, Dobarsko
Samokov, Belchin, Govedartsi
Melnik, Rozhen monastery
Sapareva banya, Panichishte, Maljovitza

Kostenets (10 000 inhabitants) is at the foot of Rila Mountain, about 75 kilometers southeast of Sofia, world-famous ski resort Borovets is 28 km. In the municipality are 3 separate resort: Momin Prohod, Villas Kostenets and Pchelinski bani. The wealth of the region are mineral springs. The climate is temperate continental with average annual air temperature - 4,2 (January) and 16.1 (July).

The area was settled during the Bronze and Iron Age. In the area are preserved gravestones, cemeteries, ruins of ancient settlements. Fortress Trayanovi vrati (Gates of Trajan) was the Roman era. Here in 986, Tsar Samuil defeated the armies of the Byzantine emperor Basil II. The town grew in 1884 with the construction of the railway line Sofia-Istanbul.

Mineral springs are 47-73 temperature, water is slightly mineralized, hydrocarbonate, sodium sulphate, slightly fluorine, with a little joy, much lower total water hardness. The springs were known in antiquity, are preserved remains of Roman baths and spa facilities.

Momin Prohod is a spa resort of national importance, has sanatorium for spa and rehabilitation. During the Ottoman rule the village was known by the name Soludervent (Water Pass). There are nine mineral springs with water temperature 56 and radioactivity second in Bulgaria, third in Europe and 25th in the world. The water in relieving and treating diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems and the problems of metabolic and other allergies.

Dolna Banya is in a picturesque valley, near the right bank of the Maritsa River to the south is surrounded by the northern slopes of Rila. Sofia is 70 km., here goes the way from Plovdiv to Borovets (20 km.) and Samokov. The mild and healthy mountain climate, clean air, the presence of hot mineral springs have become a resort town. In 1700 buildings two built around mineral springs. One was built on Roman foundations and today is known as Roman Bath, the other is also preserved.

Dolna Banya has a private airport, golf course, indoor and outdoor pools. Municipality within the reserve Ibar, which is an important part of Rila National Park. The water in these springs is slightly mineralized, alkaline, radioactive, with the temperature is 62-65. The waters are suitable for treatment and prevention of diseases of the locomotor system and posttraumatic conditions, respiratory and nervous systems, gynecological and skin diseases, secondary anemia, problems with metabolism and the prevention of caries due to its high content of fluorine.

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