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Kotel (7200 inhabitants) in a small picturesque valley in the Eastern Balkan, 527 m altitude, 330 km from Sofia. Town with majestic scenery, fresh air, clean mountain water, cultural-historical center. Called "The Stronghold of Bulgarian spirit" and "The cradle of the Renaissance". Turkish register of 1586 contains the earliest evidence of the city. Residents of the Kotel guarded the passes in the mountains.

Galatan School (1869) was a wooden two-storey building with architecture typical of Kotel end. Today the building has an exhibition dedicated to weaving. Ethnographic Museum in Kyorpev's House (1872). Each room is arranged as a separate corner of the old Kotel home. Museum of the Renaissance is at the center. Situated in 4 themed rooms, displaying the life and work of more than 200 national heroes in the region. Natural Science Museum stores some 30 000 samples in an area of 1000 square meters

In 1894 a devastating fire destroyed 4/5 of the city. Only suburbs survive and give an idea of the village revival. Kotel is an architectural and historical reserve with over 110 houses from the Renaissance. Philip Kutev School of Music is the first secondary school for folk songs and instrumental music in Europe. It has a wonderful base for training and live, concert hall and dance hall, music library and hotel.

Zheravna in a small valley in the Eastern Balkan, 640 meters above sea level. Located 14 km from the Kotel, 110 km from Burgas, 190 km from Varna and 330 km from Sofia. The climate is temperate-continental. The area is picturesque - hills, peaks and vast pastures. The settlement appears in XII century. In XVII century converted into a large craft and cultural center. Today is an architectural reserve with well-preserved Renaissance style - narrow cobbled streets, one or two-storey wooden houses surrounded by stone walls.

Church of St. Nicholas is exquisite Orthodox Church with a unique exhibition of ancient icons. Picture gallery, the house Sava Filaretov (the largest and most richly decorated with carvings house), 300 years old house of Russi Chorbadzhi are unique. Here is the house-museum of writer Jordan Yovkov. In the vicinity there are huts and tourist routes, eco-paths. Zheravna of lake has good fishing opportunities.

Medven (200 inhabitants) is located on the southern slopes of Stara Planina, amidst thick forests about 40 km from Sliven and 12 km from Kotel. The village has preserved its Renaissance appearance. Medven many houses are monuments of culture. It is the birthplace of the famous writer and revolutionary Zahari Stoyanov and the actor Stoyan Buchvarov.

Ichera is one of the most beautiful in the Balkan Mountains, is located near Sliven. According to legend, Tsar Simeon the Great (893-917) gave the village and lands around it his most loyal boyar, often visited the village to hunt. So the village was called King's bedroom.

The village is surrounded by forests and beautiful lawny with many wild flowers, herbs and mushrooms, the air is unbelievably clean and refreshing. Around the village there is a very appropriate and pleasant places for biking, hiking and picnicking, Luda Kamchia River is a paradise fishermen. The village houses have retained much of the Renaissance, entirely of wood and large, spacious balconies. The village boasts a beautiful church of St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki (1842) and the monument of the fallen in wars. In Ichera several hotels.

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