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Smolyan, Zlatograd
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Croses peak, Narechen, Chudnite Mostove

Krastova gora (Crosses peak) is a round meadow surrounded by thick beech forests of 1545 meters above sea level, approximately 500 meters long and about 300 meters wide. Once in 1083 the Georgian princes Gregory and Abaziy Bakuriani based Bachkovski monastery, they visit large land estates. Many monastic feed flocks around the picturesque area Krastova gora. Found the monastery St. Trinity.

From the second half of XVII century and the first half of XVIII century occurred most difficult period in the history of Rhodopean Christians - the turks place the islam here and butcher some of the local population in the Middle Rhodopes. Were destroyed Smolyanskata bishops, theological school, episcopal Church St. ap. Peter and Paul, was killed last Smolyan Bishop St. Vissarion Smolen (29 July 1670). All churches and monasteries are destroyed, damaged and the Monastery St. Trinity Church and most of its monks were killed.

In 1933 in the village of Borovo come Jordan Dryankov. After a night spent on Crosses peak, it was discovered the history of the place - this peak rises large monastery, which kept the piece of the Cross Lord. On May 1, 1936 by King Boris III was erected a metal cross on top. In 1956 was built the chapel St. Trinity on the part of the remaining foundations of the old minster of the western tip height of the Crosses.

In autumn 1995 was built the church "Pokrov of the Holy Virgin". In 1994 disappears Miracle Cross, presented by Boris III. Cast is a new 99-pound cross and old found in the woods from a shepherd and now is in the new temple.

Hotels in the Region

Narechen is 22 km south from Asenovgrad, 40 km from Plovdiv and 38 km from Pamporovo. It is located in a gorge of the river Assenitsa among deciduous and coniferous forests on the slopes of the Middle Rhodopes, at a height of 620-660 meters above sea level. The climate is transitional continental with Mediterranean influence. Average air temperature is about 9.5o, summer is not hot and winter is warm. Those favorable climatic indicators determine the resort and climate.

Mineral waters from several natural and drilling sources, most of them are low temperature (33o), slightly mineralized, clear, colorless, odorless and drinking and good taste. There is also a one source with higher activity and lower temperature (21.5 o) called "Eye", which is used to ocular diseases.

Narechen is one of the most popular spa resort and climate treatment and prevention of functional disorders of the nervous system - neurosis, neurasthenia and histeria, functional disorders of the colon, biliary tract and gall bladder, dysfunctions in gender sphere of psycho-nevrotic nature. Very successfully influenced and cardiovascular diseases - hypertension, hipotonic disease states, mild forms of atherosclerosis, kardioskleroza, atherosclerosis of peripheral arteries of the extremities. The main indication of the resort are exchange-endocrine diseases such as diabetes mellitus, mild forms of tireotoksikoza, obesity and fat metabolism disorders, gout.

Chudnite Mostove (Wonderful Bridges) are an interesting natural phenomenon in the Central Rhodope of 1450 m altitude, 80 km. south of Plovdiv and 35 km. from Chepelare. An enormous marble arches connecting both banks of the Dalbok Dol River, which runs from the peak Golyam Persenk (2091 m), among old spruce and pine forests. Interesting is their origin - an ancient cave has collapsed, perhaps in the earthquake, the waters of the river have referred the fallen debris, and so are forming two rare beauty natural rock bridge.

In the big bridge (length 96 m, height 70 m and 45 m arch) is 12-15 m wide. In its walls there are two linked caves where host many birds and bats. At about 200 meters is the second bridge, which looks like a long tunnel. Is 60 m. long, 50 m. high, and the arch is 30 m., begins with a wide aperture, which eventually narrows to a slit. Near the entrance is a Ice cave. Beside them is a tourist hut Wonderful bridges, hiking trails Wonderful Bridges connect it with many beautiful sights.

Orehovo village is located 60 km southwest of Plovdiv, 900 meters above sea level in the river Oreshitsa. The beautiful village in the mountains and landscapes - ancient green forests and fresh air, creating great opportunities for mountain and ecological tourism, recreation in nature. In the surrounding area has many tourist itineraries. Orehovot is a starting point to a number of chalets.

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