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Gotse Delchev is situated in the Gotse Delchev Hollow, at the southwest foot of the Middle Pirin Mountain, along both banks of the Nevrokopska (Gradska) River - a tributary to the Mesta River, which flows 3 km west of the town. The distance to regional center Blagoevgrad is 105 kilometers and the Sofia - 203 km. The relationship between Gotse Delchev and the neighboring Greek communities is through border Ilinden - Eksohi.

The relief in the region of the Gotse Delchev municipality is very varied. Its highest point is at an altitude of 2709 m above sea level in the Pirin Mountains, and its lowest point - at about 430 m in the Gotse Delchev Hollow. The most impressive land shapes are the alpine southern parts of the Northern Pirin with its three southernmost cirques -The Kamenitsa Cirque with its six lakes, the Breznitsa Cirque with three lakes and the Kornitsa Cirque with two lakes. Summits with a pronounced alpine character. The lonely rising summit Orelyak - the highest in the Middle Pirin - also has an alpine character.

The Rhodope Mountains close the Gotse Delchev Hollow on the east. The western part of the mountains has a high-mountain relief, which is a combination of comparatively high rounded summits and a deep and complicated network of beautiful canyons and well-shaped valleys. The largest part of the mountain is densely forested with coniferous and deciduous forests, whose slanting slopes form beautiful natural pastures and meadows.

St. Archangel Michael's Church (1811) is remarkable for its old holy gates, included in the iconostasis composition, its richly decorated fretwork ceilings, and 70 icons from 1881. The Holy Virgin's Monastery, built in 1888, and the remains of the Momina Kula medieval fortress are situated at a 3-km distance from the town. The architectural complex in the Bulgarian National Revival style, the ensembles of post-National-Liberation houses in the old central part and the artisans' workshops also contribute to the town's atmosphere.

Mineral springs in the region of the villages of Ognyanovo, Garmen, Marchevo and Zagrade, which are about 10 km away from the town. The springs are about 16 in number. The mineral water is pure, without a smell and with a pleasant taste; its temperature is about 39-43 oC.

The mineral springs in the locality Toplika are about 4 km away from the town of Gotse Delchev. They are about 10 in number. The water has a constant temperature of 22 oC and never freezes even in the coldest winter days. The springs are situated in a picturesque area with a beautiful acacia forest around them and a panorama view of the summit Lyaskovski Vrah opposite. There are remains of an ancient fortress nearby.

Marchevo in the proximity of the Ognyanovo mineral baths, 8 km away from the town of Gotse Delchev. The ruins of the Roman town of Nikopolis ad Nestum are a significant historic monument, situated only 5 minutes away by car from the hotel. This town is erected by the emperor Trayan in 105. In translation it means "The town of victory on the river Mesta".

The water supply for the village of Marchevo comes from Ognyanovo mineral baths. The spouting from the baths water is clear, odourless, at a temperature from 39 to 43 oC. It helps the treatment of gynaecological problems, disorders of the nervous system, the kidneys and the locomotive system.

Hotels in the village

Delchevo is situated between three peak in the Pirin mountain, 8 km from Gotse Delchev, occurs in XVII century near the Turkish farm. Its old houses (27 of them are monuments of culture), most built during the second half of XIX century, are perched on the steep slopes of the mountain. In some places use the rock wall directly on the ground floor and observed interesting interlacement of nature in architectural appearance. The region provides good conditions for lovers of hunting and fishing. Dikchan breeding station is 30 km., available for shooting of many different kinds of forest animals. Dospat Dam is located 50 km away and offers trout and carp.

Leshten is a picturesque village with genuine Bulgarian spirit. It lies on 590 m. height, 15 km from Gotse Delchev and 200 km. from Sofia. There is a great view over the valley and the ridge of Pirin mountain, beautiful nature, architecture of the Bulgarian national revival. White houses with wide balconies, big village’s yards all over the valley, labyrinth of small stone streets, a village’s pub on the square. The authentic surrounding in the hotels is made by the wooden floors, stone fireplaces, hand made carpets and the small windows. Only the modern facilities remind for the XXI c.

The main occupation of the locals was building, masonry and the extraction gold from gold sands in the past. One pf the sights is the Church St. Paraskeva from 1836. The wall-paintings a very strange - dashed colours and lines. Nearby is the “Dark forest” reserve with its centurial coniferous forests.

Kovachevitsa is situated in the Southwest part of the Rhodopes mountains, 25 km. from Gotse Delchev. Kovachevica is different form ordinary village. It is like a paradise, formed by the diligent hands of the local masters. The climate is moderate – mild winter and cool summer because of the Mediterranean influence and the surrounding forest. The village was established at the end of XVII c. The school is from 1830, the church "St. Nikolas" was built in 1848. The unique architectural style is preserved. Everything is made of wood and stone. Since 1977 the village is architectural reserve.

There are picturesque canyons, river with crystal clear and cold waters, thick, cool forests, high hills with beautiful views. In the village there are over 110 old houses of the Bulgarian national revival, some of them are now good, small hotels. Nearby runs the Kanina river with its three deep pools, Balkans trout and beautiful waterfalls.

Dolen (477 inhabitants) is a typical alpine village (1020 m) situated in the Western Rodopi, 26 km from Gotse Delchev. Created by XVI century, in 1977 is a cultural historical reserve. Narrow streets and cobblestones typical old house, built in a Renaissance style are extremely interesting. The houses are built with typical jetty bidding on the second and third floor. Some ceilings are decorated. The main attractions are the old Church St. Nicolas (1834) with cell school, old fountain and streets of crafts.

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