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Melnik, Rozhen monastery
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Melnik is the smallest city in Bulgaria, Cultural and Historical Reserve and the city-museum. The city is a blend of unique nature, history, culture and wine. The climate is favorable for the treatment of lung, kidney and rheumatic diseases. Was once an important economic and spiritual center with over 25 000 inhabitants and more than 70 churches. The ancient Thracians laid the foundation, and after them came the Slavs, Bulgarians, Greeks, Latins, Turks ... At present its population is 230 inhabitants.

The antiquated atmosphere is singular in agone centuries. Old Melnik houses impress with rich architecture and layout of their cellars. Boyar House is the oldest house in Bulgaria. Interest are the ruins of the Monastery of St. Nicholas (XII century), Slav fortress (XIII century), Roman bridge, the old Turkish bath and the remains of several churches. There are wonderful murals and large cellar.

Except history and architectonics, Melnik is wine too. Pyramids in sand are dug cellars, which ripens, matures and kept the famous Melnik wine.

The Historical Museum in Pashova House (1815). It consists of stone and floor with ground floor lounge. On the ground floor shows the basic livelihood of the region - wine. Below are photos of wine cellars, barrels, etc., associated with handling and storage of the Melnik wine.

Kordopoulova house is the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula, built in XIX century by a wealthy merchant. In a tunnel in the rock is an exposition of Melnik wine cellar with huge barrels. Interior decoration with wall paintings, carvings and stained glass.

Rozhen's monastery is situated 5 km. of Melnik in the lower parts of the Pirin and is one of the largest monasteries in Bulgaria. It offers exceptional views to the peaks of Pirin and Belasitsa mountains, and the "Melove - located around the city pyramidal hills, formed by erosion of the clay soil. It was founded in 1220 by Despot Alexei Slav.

It's a complex of a church, chapel and residential buildings in the XVIII surrounded by high walls. Church was built in the XVI century, in its time the impressive portrait of Melanya nun (1372). In the church are kept wall paintings from 1597, as also glass paintings from 1715. Very impressive are the wood-carved iconostasis and icons. Near the monastery is the chapel, built in 1597, wall painted in 1662. Very near is the St. Cyril and Methodius Church, built in 1914. Legendary Bulgarian lider Yane Sandanski chieftain was buried before the church apse.

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