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Nesebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The ancient Thracian settlement Messambria is the second millennium BC. Since 510 BC. is the Greek city-colony Messembria with theater and the temple of the god Apollo. In 72 BC. it was occupied by the Romans. In 812 Khan Krum include in the city the borders of Bulgaria. Since XI century the Slav name used Mesebar or Nesebar. In Nesebar have been preserved many houses from the time of Bulgarian revival and the windmills.

Nessebar has lost 1/3 of its territory, which sank in the sea. The old town is 850 meters long and 350 m wide. Remains of fortress walls can be seen under the water about 80 meters from shore. Until today has remained the western wall of the gate, which defended the city. Archaeological studies have revealed the rich collections of monuments of ancient Messambria and medieval Nesebar. Most of them are new exhibits in the Archaeological Museum. Here is the diplomas out of UNESCO in 1983, which the old part of town is entered in the list of World Cultural heritage.

In Nesebar has 41 churches: The Old Bishop's Residence St. Sofia (V century), The New Bishop's Residence St. Stefan (X-XI century), St. Paraskeva (XII-XIV century), Christ Pantocrator (XIV century), which is now an Art gallery, St. John Aliturgetos (XIII-XIV century) and others.

Pomorie established in the V century BC. as a Hellenic colony Anhialo. Trade, get the salt, fishing and wine contribute to its prosperity. City was burning and constructed by the Romans and Byzantines, Crusaders, Turks and Bulgarians. Unique historical and cultural monuments are the Thracian domed tomb, the churches and monasteries and architectural reserve "Old Pomorie houses. The region produces red and white wines, special luxury brandies and cognacs. The city is a center for medical tourism in the sanatoriums enjoy the healing properties of the famous Pomorie mud.

The charm of cobblestone streets, the romance of coastal boulevards and stylish houses, spacious modern beach and mud procedures have made Pomorie in the desired place of rest and treatment. Its numerous guests the city offers complete conditions for recreation, sport and entertainment.

The Salt Museum is the only museum in the Balkans for the production of salt by evaporation of sea water. Located near the old town. In ancient Anhialo, sea salt is produced from time immemorial, there were salterns of V century BC. In the past, salt was scarce and sometimes had the value of gold, even for her and have fought wars. The museum presents the ancient technology of production in 25 acres existing salterns, a unique collection of photographs, models and authentic equipment and tools.

Ravda is found between Burgas and Nessebur. It offers wonderful possibilities about full rest and very good conditions. There is calmness and in good prices. Many years Ravda was famous as a place about child and youth tourism but in nowadays itís a place about marriage rest. The bloom show us the development of the private initiative and the small business in Bulgaria. Last 5-6 years are built many beautiful family hotels, boarding- house, homes. The private restaurants and taverns offer delicious kitchen in good prices. There are good conditions about surfing and marinas.

Achelloy - In the middle of the road Burgas-Nesebar is a river Achelloy. Here in 923 years King Simeon win a big Byzantine army. This is the biggest win of Bulgaria in the century wars with Byzantine. There is a big camping-site.

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