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Smolyan, Zlatograd
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Croses peak, Narechen, Chudnite Mostove

Pamporovo is a modern resort in the heart of the mountains at an altitude of 1650 meters at the foot of Peak Snejanka (1926 m) 260 km from Sofia, 85 km from Plovdiv and 10 km north of Smolyan. The climate is favorable for tourism, the average annual temperature is 8oC, snow cover lasts 150 days from mid-December to mid April. High winds peaks retain snow cover and sunny days are near 270.

The resort was founded in 1933. Most of the ski runs of varying length and difficulty from Mount Snow. Their total length is 18 km, lifts with capacity of 7000 persons per hour. The resort was founded in 1933. Most of the ski runs of varying length and difficulty from Mount Snow. Their total length is 18 km, lifts and lifts with capacity of 7000 persons per hour. For beginners there are green runs and a few drill field. For advanced are steep (black) runs, there are trails for cross country skiing and biathlon, snowboard. Are several ski schools with highly qualified teachers, there are ski wardrobes with modern ski and snowboard. Pamporovo hosts many international and national competitions.

During the summer resort was attractive with its beautiful nature, clean air, sunny and breezy days. To offer excellent programs for recovery and prevention in medical and rehabilitation centers. Swimming pools, bowling, tennis, shooting archery, high cycling are part of sports entertainment in the resort. Pamporovo offers fun and interesting night, in almost every hotel has a nightclub or densklub, many restaurants in the old style with traditional Rhodope dishes and drinks and folklore program.

Hotels in Pamporovo

Peak Snejanka is a beautiful and majestic peaks of Bulgaria. High is 1996 meters, the highest point in the resort Pamporovo, the top of start from the slopes, lifts and drags. Television Tower Panorama Bar is 2030 meters above sea level, views in clear weather is fantastic. A bird can be seen throughout the and resort and ski slopes. See also Smolyan lakes, the Greek part of the mountain, Golyam Perelik, villages Stoykite, Gela, to Rila, Pirin, Rozhen and hills of the Eastern Rhodopes.

Chepelare (6000 inhabitants) is Chepelare River, 220 km from Sofia, 70 km from Plovdiv and about 10 km from Pamporovo. This is the highest town in Bulgaria to 1100 meters altitude, winter resort. The winter is mild and warm, the snow cover lasts between 80-120 days with an average thickness of 30-80 cm spring comes much later, the summer is cool and fresh.

There is evidence of life from around the XII century BC. Ore deposits of the region favored the development of ore-mining and metals. Are found traces of a Roman bath. During the Bulgarian Revival in Chepelare and the settlements around it were built 14 temples and 72 chapels.

Today the city is developing as a tourist center. Pure nature in the mountains and the long winters are a prerequisite for the development of ski tourism. Ski-track Mechi Chal is the longest track for alpine skiing in Bulgaria (almost 6 km.). At the final station of the lift to the peak Mechi Chal (1873 m) has a mini ski-lifts, suitable for beginner skiers and snowboarders. Around the town is built trail for cross country skiing and biathlon. The city has dozens of cozy small family hotels, restaurants and pubs. In the city, around the track and hotels have ski wardrobes.

In the summer Chepelare is a convenient starting point for walking tours around the Rhodopes. Another interesting place in town is the Museum of the caves.

Momchilovtsi (1700 inhabitants is a picturesque village, situated in the heart of the mountains, 1200 meters above the sea. It is 100 km. from Plovdiv, 240 km from Sofia, 15 km from Smolyan and 7 to Pamporovo. It is believed that it was created by the forced conversion to Islam fled rodopchani. Named after the mighty Momchil, defender of the local population, the castle is not far from the village. Over the centuries Momchilovtsi remained purely Bulgarian village with freedom-loving people. The locals are famous builders, masons, in 1836 built the church of St. Constantine and Elena.

Momchilovtsi today is a tourist center with beautiful scenery, quiet, clean air, near ski centers Pamporovo and Chepelare. The village begin hiking trails to ancient forests and meadows, historic sites and mountain peaks. Are several family hotels, pubs and restaurants, the conditions for ecological and rural tourism are excellent. There is a center of winter sports and tourism, which provides drivers and guides, qualified teachers for skiing and snowboarding.

Rozhen in the saddle (1420 m above sea level) with large meadows, surrounded by old pine forests with some old chapel. From ancient times here goes way from Thrace to the valley of the Arda River and Aegean Sea. Since XIX century the tradition of folk singing competitions make the meadows of Rojen. In four years at the end of August, Rozhen becomes biggest stage of the Rhodope song. Here is shining star of the all Rhodope major contractors, who singing and outplay a few scenes in front of more than half a million spectators.

The culmination of the spectacle is the singing competition Rozhen Star, in the first night. Under the bright stars greatest singers sing eternal Rhodope songs. Here is also the National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen - the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula, built especially for this space - the area with most clear skies of Bulgaria.

Progled in the Rozhen saddle, just 4 km. from Pamporovo and 5 km. from Chepelare, suitable for summer recreation and winter ski vacation. Progled is a small village, the inhabitants were about 70 people, but has 5 guest houses. Near the village there are three chapels. Opportunities for walking tours in remarkable places are innumerable. With meandering mountain path for 10 minutes to reach Rozen meadows. Available to the lovers of winter sports are slopes for skiing, snowboarding and roadwork in the resort of Pamporovo and Chepelare.

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