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Borovets, Musala Peak
Bansko, Razlog, Dobrinishte
Velingrad, Yundola
Kostenets, Dolna Banya
Belitsa, Yakoruda, Dobarsko
Samokov, Belchin, Govedartsi
Melnik, Rozhen monastery
Sapareva banya, Panichishte, Maljovitza

Pirin National Park was established in 1962. The park was declared by UNESCO as a site for the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Edelweiss and wild goat are emblems of Pirin. The park is highlighted with alpine terrain, the highest peak Vihren has more than 180 glacial lakes. In its territory is reserves Bayuvi dupki, Djindjiritsa and Yulen, which will protect the natural forests of white and black fir. In the Red Book includes 113 species of plants and 42 animals, 130 species of medicinal plants. Annually the park is visited by around 16 000 people.

Pirin keep track of many ancient cultures - Thracian, Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Slav and Proto-Bulgarian. Here are developing hiking, climbing, skiing, cross oldest wine route "Wine ports" in Bansko to Melnik cross Demyanishka River valley.

Peak Vihren (2914 m) - The Peak of the Storm is located in the northern part of Pirin, between the rivers Mesta and Struma front and Parilsk saddles. According to mythology lived here god Perun. There are alpine in nature with rocky ridges, cirques beautiful lakes, rapids and rocky moraines. About Vihren is Kutelo peak (2 908 m), here is one of the most enchanting mountain lakes - Fish Lake. Starting points for climbing peaks are towns of Bansko, Razlog, Dobrinishte and chalets Yavorov, Bandernitsa Vihren, chalet, shelter.

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