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Pleven, Lukovit
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The Nature Park "Rusenski Lom", The Rock Monastery's

The nature park "Rusenski Lom" covers the valley of river Beli Lom and its adjacent forest massive. Admit allowing of rarely animal kinds and the value plants. It’s saved forest Complexs, interesting mediterranean bush vegetation. A lot of rarely kinds are included in the Red book in Bulgaria. The fauna is as well rich and various. There are many useful rarely and protected sorts. The wealth of the birds is huge. The bulgarian club of defense of the birds and Bird life international has announced the valley of Lom for ornithological noteworthy position (ÎÂÌ).

The Rock monastery's in Ivanovo In ÕII-ÕIV c in the valley eremites have colonized. They have readjusted homes in suitable caves. They have been bringing entire monastery complexs. The churches are over 250. The rock monastery “St. Arhangel Mihail” he is one of the biggest religious and literaly centers in Bulgaria in XIII and XIV c. The murals are saved in nowadays. Ivanovo rock churches are included in the list of the earth cultural inheritance of UNESCO.

The rock monastery "St. Demetrius from Basarbovo" is the only acting man's rock religious residence in Bulgaria. His name mentions it self for the first time It is released until 1431. In XVI c when the chapel of the monastery is framed. They are solemnly marked to 1985, 300 years from the assumption of Saints, was born in the close village. After the end of Russian-Turkish war (1774) Russian General Saltikov had charged its mights. They guard themselves in a silver coffin in the Cathedral “St. Constantine and Helena” in Bukarest, the Saint considers itself for defender in the city.

The monastery is very well preserved and only beautiful. The court has sunk of greenery, flowers, shrubs and fruit trees. The water is healing. In the foot of the rock is found a wonderful view of the valley. Here is found the niche, where the Reverend St. Demetrius has slept and the rock church with the wood iconostasis. In the natural cave is buried the monarch Hrisant, who restores the monastery in 1937.

Middle ages town Cherven (Red town) First traces are from the old-stones epoch. Thracians have lived here. The Romans has come in I c. The bulgarians had risen the town of the Middle ages. It is one of the most important-centers of Bulgaria in ÕIII-ÕIV c. An archaeological reserve covers the reics from the stronghold, the metropolitan’s church and the boyar’s town. The stronghold was destroyed by Turkish in the second half of XVIII c.

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