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Smolyan, Zlatograd
Pamporovo, Chepelare, Momchilovtsi, Rozhen
Batak, Tsigov Chark, Rakitovo
Peshtera, Bratsigovo, Krichim, Perushtitsa, Vacha
Devin, Dospat
Asenovgrad, Bachkovo and Arapovo Monasteries
Trigrad, Bujnovo, Yagodina
Croses peak, Narechen, Chudnite Mostove

The Rhodopes will awaken all your senses - the eyes saturated with colours, folk songs are carried through the air, as well as the silent murmur of the crystal mountain streams, the fresh mountain air is saturated with aroma of herbs and flowers, the soul is a pleasure to the peace of the nature.

The born place of the mystical singer Orpheus reveal the unforg beauty of the wild nature. In Shiroka Luka, Stoykite, Gela, Momchilovtsi you will touch the traditional Bulgarian soul, manner and cultural, your morning will not be met by the noise of cars but by the crowing of roosters.

About the history of this town you can learn by the Castle of Asen, Bachkovo monastery, Smolyan and in the first archeology sensation of 21 century - Perperikon, the Dionisiusís temple.

About the lover of the winter sports one of the most beautiful winter resorts in Bulgaria is Pamporovo and Chepelare. The Rodopi are rich of medical mineral springs.

The people who like fishing make him happy the rich draught of the many mountain dams and rivers.

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