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Borovets, Musala Peak
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Samokov, Belchin, Govedartsi
Melnik, Rozhen monastery
Sapareva banya, Panichishte, Maljovitza

Samokov (30 000 inhabitants) is in north Rila, in the coast of the river Iskar. It's situated 60 km south-eastern from Sofia and 12 km. from Resort Borovets. In the region threre are six resorts too. Samokov is a roman settlement, the population is concerned with the processing of ores. The raftsmen have had direct contact with miners of western Europe – the saxons, who are called “sassy”. In their form furnaces, fix-it shop had been introduced with cocksuckers and big hammer that launch themselves by washy force. The Turks conquered it in 1372. In the end of XVII c, in Samokov is discovered great and modern artistically school, whick is known as “The Samokov school”. Here is the start of the struggle for independent Bulgarian church. The first in Bulgaria printing house was opened here in 1827

The Historical museum is saved the materials and documents, which are connected with the base for the town industry: the ironmongery. The Assumption Church (1790) is selected the talent of the builders from Samokov. Bairakli Mosque (XVII c) is a masterpieceos the decorate decoration. The architectural arrangements and details in the whole building are as our rebirth traditions and they prove about the bulgarian origin of their writers. Around the landmarks of Samokov is the Big Fountain from 1662. The church St. Nikolas (1859) is the oldest one in Samokov.

The Samokov nunnery “The Shroud of God’s Mother” was founded in 1772 as a convent of Hilendar Monastery on Mount Athos, the first abbess is famous Grandmother Fota. The monastery is often received from Samokov rich widow, who built their cells and taken upon themselves the daughters, granddaughters and poor relatives girls. Thus the monastery gradually growing. The monastery is the cradle of girls' education in the city.

The church was built in 1837-1838, the icons painted by Dimitar Zograf, a fresco in the narthex of the Virgin Mary, which was painted by the great master Zahari Zograf. With his famous white frieze, nuns participated in the International Exhibition in Liege (1905), Statement of the Balkan countries in London (1907) and the first Bulgarian exhibition in Plovdiv (1892).Diploma from these statements may be seen in the Monastery Refectory - join the complex Hadzhistamova house.

The village Govedartsi (2000 c) is 80 km. from Sofia, in the foot of the Rila mountain, near river Cherni Iskar (Black Iskar). National mountain resort, it’s a point of departure for the routs to the 7th Rila's leaks, the Rila's monastery, The Maliovitza valley and a peak Maliovitza. Near the village is found Ionchevo leak. The touristical base of the village offer good conditions for ski-sport.

Beli Iskar it's 8 km. from Borovets is of the same name tributary of Iskar river. The road between Borovets and Beli Iskar, you can pass is coat–tailand it’s a wonderful mountain landscape. The beautiful village attracts the touristswith its wonderful nature and atmospere. In the village there are family hotels and information touristic centre. About the guesses are organized executions of national songs and dances, tastes of the local specialties, offer of the local customs and traditions and demostrate of the characteristis crafts. Daily measures include horse bridle in the mountain and fishing in Beli Iskar.

Belchin in the picturesque valley of the River Palakaria, between the mountains Rila, Verila, Vitosha and Plana. It lies 50 km. from Sofia and only 15 minutes from Borovets. The village has an exceptionally mild and healthy climate and beautiful scenery, mineral water with proven preventive and curative effects. Belchin is located close to various tourist routes.

The region is rich in thermal waters, natural resources of the region in combination with healing mineral water, creating conditions for climate health and wellness center. The water temperature is 40-41 oC and is characterized by mild and pleasant taste.

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