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Sandanski (27 000 c) is situated on the foot of Pirin mountain near the mouth of Sandanska Bistrica river. It is famous with its unique climate and mineral waters which are almost 83 oC. The middle year temperature is 14.7 oC. The winter is soft and short and the autumn is warm and continued. The town is known with its best public health station for bronchia asthmatic in Europe. The resort is recommended for medication of chronic pulmonary illnesses.

Hotels in Sandanski

The relics of the ancient town from II millennium B.C. lays under the contemporary town. From the times of the Thracian tribe Medi, which inhabited the vicinities of the town, is the origin of Spartakus - the leader of the biggest rising in the Roman empire (74/71 year). Until the end of VI c. the town is Christian episcopal center before its destruction from the barbaric tribes. Its name is St. Vrach in memory of the two healers St. St. Kozma and Damyan till 1947 year when its name was Yane Sandanski - leader of the liberation battles.

The architectural complex with the memorial of Spartacus is 7 m high. The archeological museum is in the centre of the town and keeps an exhibit from 27 centuries ago. Sandanski is proud of his unique town park St. Vrach, where grow 200 Mediterranean kinds of plants. The park gives excellent chance for rest and amusements - stadium, a summer camp, open air swimming pool, reservoir with pedalos and boats.

18 km away from Sandanski is found the resort Popina luka with its 11-meteers waterfall - a starting point of different tourist routes. The monastery St. Kozma and Damyan is situated on Sandanska Bistrica in the picturesque place among natural meadows, fruit orchard and rich greenery. Its history comes from the ancient times: IV-V centuries. Probably here the two brothers healed the ill people near the spring Miroto. In the times of the Turkish slavery the monastery was destroyed but the bases were kept. The present monastery from 1928 year is over them.

The Kresna's gorge is a picturesque rock valley which is about 20 km long. There is an exceptionally richly animal and plant variety. This is a picturesque and close-fitting valley of Struma river. The good protected and rich nature is a potential for the development of eco-tourism. The Kresna’s gorge is the northern border of the Mediterranean lands.

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