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Shipka National Park-Museum

Park- Museum “Shipka” Every nation has its own memorials-sacred. For the Bulgarians this is Shipka. In the times of the Russo-Turkish war (1877-1878) here is one of the battles which brought the libertine of Bulgaria after five centuries slavery. Together with the Russians there are about 6000 Bulgarians who take part in the battle. The national Park–museum Shipka is situated on the place of the suspend hostilities. It includes the National Memorial of the libertine on peak Shipka, the Temple Memorial Christ’s birth near town Shipka, peak Orlovo gnezdo (Eagle’s nest) and village Shejnovo.

The Memorial of the Freedom is like comes of the rock breast of the mountain of peak Shipka. It was built in 1934 with the free sacrifices of the Bulgarian nation. Its height is 31,5 m. and there are 894 steps to the memorial. There is a bronze lion: symbol of the Bulgarian state system over the central entrance. In the grounded floor are the relics of the perished people. There is collection of orders and medals, photos and documents, weapon at the other 7 floors. There is found the flag of the volunteers. From the last platform is shown panorama view to the restored details of the battle place.

The peak Orlovo Gnezdo (Eagle’s nest) is the place of the decisive battle of the march of 21 to 23 August 1877.

In Shejnovo is the Memorial of the victory of the place where Vejsel pasha is yielded.

Peak Buzlidja is not far from Shipka. On its foot the Turkish broke Hadji Dimityr’s band. It was on 30 July 1868. There are huts, holiday hauses and hotels.

The Temple-memorial “Christ's Birth" is lofty in memory of the perished Russian soldiers and Bulgarian volunteers. The memorial is in the style of the Russia church architecture and it’s in the southern slopes of the Stara planina mountain, near town Shipka. The gold-plated domes and the decorate facade are prominent of the mountain’s background. The iconostasis is with gold-plated wood-carving with 83 icons, which are gift from the Russian monastery “St. Pantalejmon” in Aton, Greece. Upon 34 marble slabs are written the names, in the crypt are situated the bones of the perished. There are 17 bells the in the temple. The biggest one is about 12 t. There is a wonderful acoustics.

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