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Vratsa, Vratschanski Balkan Nature Park, Ledenika Cave
Gabrovo, Etura, Bojenci, Sokol's Monastery
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Central Balkan National Park, Peak Botev
Shipka National Park-Museum

Apriltsi (4 700 c) its 205 km from Sofia. The town is with rich history and showplaces. In 1812 is discovered ecclesiastical, but from 1850 as well temporal school. In 1872 Vasil Levski founeded a revolutionary committee. The local freedom-loving Balkan people take mass part in the April rising, 1876. After 100 years, four villages announce Apriltsi about a town.

Because of the mountain which is near the town, the rest bases and private housings of a trust with the hospitality of the Balkan people are the greatest impressive in the city. Here is the kingdom of the rocks, which are raised by all countries, to the martello tower on the mountain. About the serious mountaineers are the hikes to the peaks Botev, Maragidik, Triglav. Here is the North Djendem park, with the highest waterfall in Bulgaria - Raisko pruskalo. Here is the only field an alpine rose in Stara planina mountain. Monastery in Batoshevo, from XIII century, is located 20 km from Apriltsi.

Debnevo is 25 km. north-east of Troyan, in the valley of the river Vidima. In the center of the village are the ruins of a medieval fortress in XII century. It found remnants of everyday military life, crafts and farm implements, arms works. There are also a museum collection with three sections: Archeology, Ethnography and Contemporary History.

Shipkovo is located in the zone of the National park ďCentral BalkanĒ. It's name is from the dog-rose around the town. The village is around 1630. The resort is in 700-m sea level, climate is a middle-continental. The natural is ecology clean, age - old forests, rich mountainous stream, rock formations and caves-this make Shipkovo visiting and searching place.

Shipkovo is known as well with its healing mineral waters. The water is with a temperature of 18 to 38 oC, as the treatment is with dring and balneologicall center. In the region of the resort there are a lot of tourist attractions, itineraries and ŚcÓ-roads. On the mountain massive there are blueberries, brambles, wild raspberries and a kind of mushrooms and healing herbs.

Chiflik is located in North Bulgaria in 170 km on the north-east from the Sofia in the theritory of the Troyan Balkan. The lowest area is on 600 m. altitude and the highest one is the peak "Boba" - 1707 m., westly of peak "Goat wal"(1670 m.). Arround of the mineral spring quickly had built some mountain resorts which are strong visiting due to combination mountain nature and mineral wather.

The mineral water with temeperature 50 degrees which springs from 1000 m. deepness fills large open swimming pool with olympic dimensions and some smaller ones in the every in mountain resorts neighbourhood. The big swimming pool in Chiflik is open from the middle of may to the end of september. In 1981 starts building of a resort complex. Today it is the main attraction and reason to traveling of many peoples in the hot summer days. In the winter which is not very strong in Bulgaria some of smaller swimming pools are full and offers extremme experiences to for those who wish in the hot mineral water.

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