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Smolyan, Zlatograd
Pamporovo, Chepelare, Momchilovtsi, Rozhen
Batak, Tsigov Chark, Rakitovo
Peshtera, Bratsigovo, Krichim, Perushtitsa, Vacha
Devin, Dospat
Asenovgrad, Bachkovo and Arapovo Monasteries
Trigrad, Bujnovo, Yagodina
Croses peak, Narechen, Chudnite Mostove

Trigrad is 25 km south of Devin and 40 km. from Smolyan, near the Bulgarian-Greek border, of 1240 meters altitude. The houses are perched on rocky hills, through the village passing Trigradska River. In the vicinity of Trigrad many archaeological finds - cave dwellings and Thracian necropolis. Trigrad is visited year round of thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists, attracted by its unique combination of unspoiled nature, preserved traditions and rich cultural heritage and traditional Rhodope hospitality. This operated family hotels and guest houses, offering many attractions and opportunities for active recreation: Horse facilities, hiking with bicycles and motorcycles, rock climbing. The local population has preserved a rich heritage and perform rituals for centuries.

Trigradsko gorge is 1.5 km. north of Trigrad. Its total length is 7 km, but the actual gorge is 2-3 km. Surrounded by sheer limestone cliffs along the river Trigradska. The river enters into the Devil's Throat cave, 530 meters after it was released as a large karst spring, and then merged with Buinovska River. West wall of the gorge is 180 meters high, and the eastern reaches 300-350 m, in the narrowest part of the distance between two walls is about 100 m. In the gorge is another famous cave - Haramijska.

Bujnovo is located in the Western Rhodopes, 2 km. from the border with Greece. The village and its land are occupied by the Thracians by the end of the Bronze Age. Bujnovsko Gorge is the longest in Bulgaria - about 10 km. and impresses with its beauty. Bujnovska River cut through limestone rocks and sheer cliffs so close, almost touching. This place is called "Wolf jump", local residents say that winter here skipped hungry wolf packs. Bujnovsko Gorge is known and the great diversity of plant and animal species, many of which are protected.

Chairski lakes are at 1600 m altitude in the Western Rhodopes, 27 km. by Trigrad. The protected area is naturally formed seven landslide lakes, meadows and pine forests. The lakes are amazingly beautiful, with crystal clear water and mountain trout. Are surrounded by over 2000 acres endless meadows with beautiful flowers of spring, with high grass in June, cut in the summer or autumn yellow melancholy.

Many rare plant species have been preserved in peat islands in the lakes. Fallen trees and islands give their romance and mystery, if it was a lake of nymphs and mermaids. Here one feels a sense of detachment from reality, as if it is situated in a very long time in the realm of fairy tales.

Yagodina village is located in the western Rhodope, near the Bulgarian-Greek border. Population is Bulgarian-Mohammedans. People are friendly and are famous for their traditional hospitality Rhodope. In hotels and guesthouses have great conditions. The village was founded in V century BC, three times burnt. Every New Year people of Jagodina, together with their guests gather in the village center. People dance around a large fire that burns in the morning.

Yagodinska Cave a pearl in the crown of the Rhodope unique beauty. Is situated near the Bujnovska river, 3 km from Jagodina, part of a karst complex Bujnovsko Gorge. The cave is 10 km long, five floors with labyrinths and abysses. Beautiful underground world was formed over of millions years, lit with spectacular lighting. The first floor has unearthed an ancient dwelling, occupied about IV-th millennium BC. Has been home to skilled craftsmen, who left cave after the collapse, caused by earthquake. The cave is unique with its countless stalactites, stalagmites, stalactones, cave pearls, with a constant temperature and humidity of 6oC. Near the tree, which remains fresh for several years, speleologists meet each new year, and in the hall were held over 100 weddings.

Devil's Throat Cave is 1.5 km. north of Trigrad. For it has many legends from the time of the Thracians. One of them said, that it was here that Orpheus descends into the underworld of Hades, to rescue his beloved Eurydice. The main part is occupied by a large hall, which is the highest underground waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula. The cave has received from the river, falling below the ground from 42 mm. in the "Roaring room". The length and 110 m, width 40 m., and reaches a height of 35 m. This is the largest hall in the Bulgarian caves.

301 feet along the underground waterfall onto the surface. 400 m. from the entrance, water to the underground river is lost in the siphon, has more than 10 lakes and rapids, the length of the siphon more than 150 m. After the siphon, a 60 m. gallery, river goes back to the surface through another cave. In the Devil's Throat large winter colony dalgokril bat cave. The exit of the cave is available to visit with inflatable boat, which can be rented.

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