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Elena (7400 inhabitants, 300 meters above sea level) is 280 km from Sofia and 230 km from Varna in a beautiful valley of the Elena River. Elena has left traces in Bulgarian history. Church St. Nicholas of XVI century was dug into the ground, because it was built in secret. The Museum of the Renaissance contains many icons. The clock tower was built by an unknown master in 1812 in the outskirts of Elena are Kapinovski and Plakovski monasteries. For the hikers are numerous picturesque tourist routes and eco-trails. There are opportunities for rock climbing. Dam Iovkovtzi with camping is a paradise for fishermen.

Tryavna (12 000 c) is situated on the northern slope of Stara planina mountain, in the valley of the Tryavna's river, it’s 440 m above sea level. The town is in the middle of Sofia and Varna - 245 km. Tryavna is municipal centre with mountain air, century-old forests, clear waters, revival houses. Today the town has the revival spirit of the popular middle-age builders, wood-cutters and icon-painters.

There are traces of Thracian and Roman epoch. The important roads between North to South Bulgaria passed through the Tryavna. According to the legend, the settlement has been since XII century. The infertile land is the reason of the rapid development of the arts and crafts- building-trade, wood-carving, icon-painting. The settlement reaches its bloom in the end of XVII century. The artistic school is the oldest revival school in Bulgaria, it’s popular even in Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Persia.

The old part of Tryavna is announced for architecture reserve. There are some unique memorials on the revival square, the oldest building is the church “St. Arhangel Michael”. The Watch tower (1844) and The Kivgiren bridge (1845) are the town’s symbols. The school of Tryavna was built in 1839. The schoolmaster’s house is a museum of the wood-carving art.

The first in the country sanatorium for pulmonary illness was built here. The vacation settlement Plachkovci is found in 7 km. from the town. Eastern of the Balneology resort Voneshta voda (Stench water).

Dryanovo (10 000 c) is in the northern slopes of Stara planina mountain, in the valley of Dryanovo's river. It is found the highway Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo - Stara Zagora and the railway, connected Northern and Southern Bulgaria. The centre is of municipality, consist of villages, hamlets and huts, which are scattered picturesque in the mountain’s folds.

The first peace of information are from 1430, with the name “Dinarav”, and the name Dryanovo is in the book of the Zograf's monastery of 1500. It flourishes in the times of the Bulgarian revival with its masters-builders and wood-carvers. The people in Dryanovo take part actively in the fights for liberation - one of the glorious parts of the April rising' 1876 is the epical protection of Dryanovo and the Dryanovo’s monastery.

In our days the town and its vicinity spread like tourist centre. Because of its health climate and its high an average life expectancy, the town define like “The town of the centenarians”. There are an impressive bronze figure in front of the museum “Master Kolyo Ficheto”. Other sightseeing is the church “St. Nicolas”. For the build of the Lafchiva house it is not used any nails. There are wonderful carving ceiling in the church “St. Trinity”.

The Monastery in Dryanovo “Saint Archangel Michael” is built in the XIV century from the King brothers Asen and Petar in the plase called “The small Saint Archangel”. It is destroyed twice from the turkish people. On its current place is built at the end of XVII century. The renewal of the monastery is at the place of abbot Rafail in the 1830 - 1840. Rooms are built, and in 1845 the new temple. The monastery turns into one of the biggest and well done in the Tarnovo region.

The monks actively participated in the revolutionary battles for liberation. In the monastery was situated one of the main headquarter in the Vasil Levski. There was a secret store for food and weapons. During the April rising - 1876 the team of Priest Hariton and Batcho Kiro turned the saint place as their fortress. In the battle with the Turkish survived only a small part from the team, and the monastery was again in fire. The last main renewal is done soon after the Liberation. A new part of the complex is built and a memorium-museum. In 1925 is built a bell tower.

The Cave "Bacho Kiro" are found the oldest trace of life on the Balkan from the epoch of the palaeolith. The cave is at some levels with length about 3 km.

Bardeni is located 7 km. from Tryavna. The village has an exceptional natural and climate conditions - a great view of the Elena Balkan, peaks Botev, Shipka and Buzludzha, crisp air, clear water ice, green forests and meadows, quiet and snowy winter. Permanently living in the village almost gone, but at weekends the village is full of people. Its proximity to the town of Tryavna makes it extremely attractive for rural tourism.

Gostilitsa Village is situated in a picturesque small valley along the Yantra River, 11 km. northwest of the town of Dryanovo, in the foothills of the mountain in a pine forest and offers excellent conditions for relax. Lovers of water sports - surfing, water skiing, rowing and sailing, they can practice on a dam Al. Stamboliiski.

Mahalnitsi in about 5 km. by Elena. Only about a kilometer is Yovkovtsi Dam, waters can be fished carp and silver carp. There are several ecological paths are possible walks to some attractions, including Kapinovski, Kilifarevski and Dryanovo Monastery.

Miykovtsi (250 people) is formed of two villages and four hamlets in Chumerna peak (1536 m) at 700 meters altitude. There from XIII century. Climatic conditions are perfect for relaxation. Summer is sunny and cool and winters are mild, with many snow days. Near the village is well maintained Eco. In its outskirts there are many lodges and well-marked hiking trails. To develop more horse, hunting and archeological tourism. On top Chumerna a ski run with tow rope.

Ruhovtsi is about 7 km. southeast of Elena in the flat country to the high right bank of the river Miykovska (Borovshtitsa) to 310 meters above sea level with a beautiful neighborhood. In the village there was one of the earliest schools in the area, opened in 1828. During the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 the village was devastated and destroyed. Church was built in 1859, in the vicinity of the village were discovered remains of an old monastery.

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