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The territory of Bulgaria is 110 990 sq. km., the natural wealth is varied. Bulgaria is one of the most biological variety county in Europe. Bulgaria is with variety flora: 94 kinds of mammals, 383 birds, 36 reptiles, 16 amphibians, 204 freshwater and Black sea fishes.

567 kinds of invertebrates (23% of all known till this moment) over 1500 insects, 2 kinds of snakes, 78 kinds of birds are in the list of lump in danger sorts of The World union of cover nature (IUCN). One of them are 10 kinds of big mammals just like Black sea tulle-monk, otters, porpoise, a wild goat, wolf and European spotted polecat.

The Bulgarian woods cover almost 3 900 000 hectares (35% of countryís area). Almost 60% of them are with natural origin. 3 750 kinds of high plants and 6 500 low plants, over 200 kinds mushrooms and a few hundred local medicinal plants. More than 700 high plants are in a category thinly for flora and fauna.

They are situated in the important crossroad between Europe and Asia, the Bulgarian land is settled from ancient times. Thracians, ancient greeks, macedonians, romans, byzantines, turkish people, slavs, bulgarians - all of them stay their own stamp. The oldest gold in the world is in Varnaís necropolis, which is 6 000 years old. Hundred of thracians tombs are incredible examples of the material and spiritual culture. Lots of them are greeks, romans and byzantines memories from the ancient times and of the middle Ages.

The Bulgarians inherit and enrich this high culture, they save it and make it more develop. They give to the world their own calendar, the first Slavís alphabet of St. Brothers Ciril and Metodius, Slav-Bulgarian translation of the Sacred Books, Horseman of Madara. The national creation saves in our days the fresh customs, songs and trades.

There are in Bulgaria a lot of beautiful areas of greenery resorts with valuable mineral waters. There are over 500 curative mineral springs in the country. There function spa-centers, mud-bath, sanatoriums, polyclinics, beaches and swimming pools.

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