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Kyustendil, Osogovo, Dupnitsa, Nevestino
Bankya, Slivnitsa
Pernik, Erma Gorge, Zemen Monastery

The capital of Bulgaria Sofia has a population of 1 182 000. Located in the Sofia valley at 550 meters altitude. The Serbian border (Kalotino) is on 55 km, the Macedonian border (Gyushevo) is 113 km., the Greek border (Kulata) is 183 km., the Turkish border (Capitan Andreevo) is 315 km., the Romanian border (Ruse) is 320 km. Sofia is connected by the international roads and with air lines with every Europe capitals. The motto of the town is “Grows but doesn’t grows old!”.

Vitosha is the most visited mountain in Bulgaria and is one of the symbols of Sofia. With the Cherni Vrah (Black Peak) (2290 m) is ranked fourth highest in the country. Unique natural phenomenon stone rivers from the moraines - round granite stones. In the higher parts of the winter continued to 7 months, and summer is only in July and August. The largest river, springing from Vitosha is Struma, there are no lakes. In 1934 to establish a National Park Vitosha. The main tourist centers are Aleko and Golden Bridges.

Struma is the largest river in western Bulgaria. The river rises in the Vitosha mountain, makes a beautiful 290 km. valley to the border with Greece and empties into the Aegean Sea. Along the river valley has 56 lakes.

Almost every village here has a spa resort: Kyustendil, Nevestino, Sapareva Banya, Blagoevgrad, Sandanski, Rudartsi, Rupite. In Western Bulgaria are many beautiful mountains Belasitsa, Osogovo and Ograjden.

In the northern of region is Kyustendil - one of the oldest Bulgarian towns, known as the Orchard Garden in Bulgaria. He is known spa resort.

Blagoevgrad is the largest city in the region. There are several universities and rich history. The town is at the foot of Pirin.

It very beautiful Kresna Gorge and Sandanski. The lider of the largest slave rebellion in the Roman Empire (74) - Spartacus was born here. The city has the glory of the best natural clinic of bronchial asthma in Europe.

The southernmost city of Bulgaria is Petrich, here is Rupite area, rich in curative thermal springs, according to the famous prophetess Vanga is filled with cosmic energy. In place is the volcano Mount enclosure, protected Rupite and Vanga temple of St. Petka.

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