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Vitosha is the most visited mountain in Bulgaria, over Sofia and is one of the symbols of the capital. The highest peak Cherni Vrah (Mount Black) is 2290 m, fourth in the country. Unique natural phenomenon stone rivers from the round granite stones (morains) around the Zlatnite mostove (Golden bridges) area. There has arisen the organized tourist movement in Bulgaria. On appeal by Aleko Konstantinov on 27.08.1895, is the first organized climbing of Cherni Vrah. In 1934 to establish a National Park Vitosha. The main tourist centers are Aleko and Zlatnite Mostove.

Occupies an area of 278 sq, kim. and is divided into four main parts. In North Vitosha are Zlatnite Mostove, Knyazhevo, Simeonovo. Gondola leads to Aleko chalet. East Vitosha is bordered by Plana mountain. Here are the tops Reznyovete, Kupenite, nature reserve "Bistrishko Branishte" and ski center Aleko. In the Southwest part is the longest cave in Bulgaria - Dyhlata and karst spring "Znivata voda"(Lliving water). Northwest shares extends to Lyulin montain.

Winter in the Peaks lasts until 7 months and summer was only in July and August. There was air inversion, when Sofia is covered by thick fog and cold, the Vitosha sun is shining and warm. The most rainy month is July, and the thick snow cover is formed in March. The biggest river, springing from Vitosha is Struma, flowing into the Aegean Sea. In the mountains there are no lakes.

The ridge a mountain is formed by the highest peaks - Cherni Vrah and Reznyovete. Consequently, human activity has changed significantly. Over the last 400 years was destroyed virgin forest in the mountain. National Park Vitosha covers the region from the Ushite, chernata Skala and Cherni Vrah. In 1977 was declared Biosphere Reserve, in order to retain existing conditions.

Reserve Bistrishko Branishte one of the first reserves in Bulgaria. Keep natural spruce forest and alpine vegetation. Situated on the northeast slope of Vitosha. Movement of tourists is allowed only in designated pedestrian routes. Unique stone rivers of the two separate streams.

Reserve Torfeno Branishte keep peat-complexes in high proportion of Vitosha mountain. In the reserve are not allowed tourists.

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