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Borovets, Musala Peak
Bansko, Razlog, Dobrinishte
Velingrad, Yundola
Kostenets, Dolna Banya
Belitsa, Yakoruda, Dobarsko
Samokov, Belchin, Govedartsi
Melnik, Rozhen monastery
Sapareva banya, Panichishte, Maljovitza

Velingrad (26 000 c) is on 800 m. height, 120 km from Sofia and 85 km from Plovdiv. It is the biggest SPA Resort in Bulgaria, it was established in 1948 by the combining of three villages. The plenty of mineral water, modern and comfortable baths, mild climate and the beautiful nature attracts over 200 000 tourists a year. Here fogs fall very rarely. The winter if clam with good conditions for skiing and the summer is cool.

The biggest natural wealth the mineral water are 28 to 86 degrees Celsius. There are more than 80 springs. The nature phenomena Kleptuza is the biggest karsts spring in Bulgaria. Every second on the surface gush out 570 l. of icy cold water, which pours into two lakes, and then into the Chepinska river. The St. Spas area, near the mineral springs in Chepino, is connected with the saint of the Health. The Historical museum, the Picture gallery, the Community centres and the cinemas provide entertainment for the guests. The traditional culture holidays in Velingrad are held in the middle of the Summer. The hunting and game reserves have very good conditions.

Yundola (1400 meters above sea level) is 15 km northwest of Velingrad on the road to Bansko. It is situated between the mountains Rila and Rhodope. Famous Bulgarian mountain resort with ski slopes and lifts in winter. Since tribes can assume various tourist routes in the Rila and Rhodope, and reserves Rogachitsa and Valyavitsa, localities Filibishka polyana, Chernovets, Kurtovo, Belmeken nad Pashovi skali.

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