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Vratsa, Vratschanski Balkan Nature Park, Ledenika Cave
Gabrovo, Etura, Bojenci, Sokol's Monastery
Montana, Berkovitsa, Varshets, Chiprovtsi
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Central Balkan National Park, Peak Botev
Shipka National Park-Museum

The town Vratsa is 110 km northern from Sofia, is found at the foot of the Vratsa's Mountain. This is a starting point to the gorge Vratsata and the cave Ledenika. It sprang up in the Middle Ages with the name of the picturesque gorge “Vratsata”. Vratsa is a tourist and economic centre of the North-western Bulgaria. This part of the Balkan mountain was inhabited by the Thracians. In XIV century the Bulgarian state was divided into three Kingdoms, which fall an easy prey to the Turkish. The stronghold Vratitca is towards to the Tarnovo's kingdom on the border with Vidin's kingdom. It is not known when the stronghold was destroyed.

In 1876 Bulgaria revolted against the enslaver - "April rising". On 20 of May the detachment of Hristo Botev reached to Mountain and engage in battle. The leader was killed - legendary Bulgarian poet and revolutionary.

The Ethnography complex is one of the most interesting places in Vratsa. The Historical museum in the town shows the century - old history of the town. Very interesting are the churches “St. Nikolas” and “St. Ascension”.

Vratschanski Balkan Nature Park puts an the Vratsa's mountain and the Rocks in Lakatnik. It is long about 30 km. and it’s wide 10-15 km., southern border is deeply incised gorge of Iskar river. The biggest peak is Beglichka mogila (1481 m). In the park’s borders are found about 500 interesting caves and precipices - Ledenika (The Ice cave), Temnata dupka (The Dark hole), Zmejova dupka (The Dragon hole), Hajdushka propast (The Rebel precipice), Garduva dupka (Garduva hole), Kalnata propast (The Muddy precipice), Nevestina propast (Bride precipice) and Sokolova dupka (The Falcon hole).

In Vratcata is found the impressive and beautiful rock massif Dolomitite, where have been organized national and international alpinism competitions. The Eco-track in Vratsa is incredible. The picturesque villages Pavolche and Zgorigrad arranges with well-appointed houses for village tourism. The villas and the hotels in the park are perfect for organize of winter and summer ecological camps.

On park’s territory there are more than 700 kinds high plants, 56 kinds of them are thin and in danger, 26 kinds are protected by the Law of nature protection. There are protected 138 kinds animals and 21 kinds of them are entered in the Red book of Bulgaria. You shouldn’t let pass the place where Hristo Botev was killed - peak Vola.

Ledenika Cave is situated in the north-western part of the Vratschanski Balkan Park, 16 km from Vratsa. The cave is served by tourist guide and it’s opened for visitation in the hole year. Near the cave it is found hut “Ledenika”.

The entrance is situated in 830 m above sea level. The lowest part of the cave is The First hall (The Anteroom). There is an ice crystal decoration in winter the hall. The name of the cave comes from this decoration. The small hall is with almost round form. After one more embarrassment is The Big (Concert) hall with one small lake which depth is 50 sm. Through iron bridges we pass through the Small and Big precipices, through the passage-way “The pelmet” we arrive in the beautiful “White hall”. The highest place is called “The seventh sky” - which is accessible just for the best tourists.

Vratschanski Balkan Nature Park
Ledenika Cave
Ledenika Cave
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