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More family hotel is situated in the New Town of Sozopol, 300 m from the seaside and 400 m from the Old Town. Built with skilfully picked natural materials - stone, marble and wood, which impart authenticity, charm and uniqity. Furnished in modern style, the hotel provides comfort and cosiness. If you add to all this our warm hospitality and 10 years of experience you will enjoy your unforgettable moments in the ancient town of Sozopol. The hotel has apartment and 14 rooms. Available in all rooms are:
    • balcony
    • mini-bar and refrigerator
    • TV+cable - 70 channels
    • individual air conditioning system
    • bathroom, (bath-tub in some rooms), hair-drier
    • separate mobile phone
    • wireless Internet + Laptop (optional)
Hotel conveniences:
    • Currency exchange desk
    • Credit and debit card payments
    • Small shop for the most necessary items
    • Cafe - breakfast, dinner at preliminary request
    • Transfer from Burgas
    • Car with driver
    • Guarded parking lot 250 m away of the hotel
    • Rent a car
Sozopol is the oldest city on the Bulgarias shoreline. The first village here originated at the end of the IV-III thousands B.C. The underwater researches in the citys harbours region show remains of houses, pottery, tools and weapons from the II-I hundreds B.C. The city developed as trade and transport centre. It had good political and trade connections with the big Eladas centres: Milleth, Athense, Korinths and so on. Its trades influence in Thrace was because its union with the Odrins kingdom in V century B.C.

The cities symbol is the anchor the harbour, the sea and the trade. It was placed on the cities coins, which were made as long as VI century B.C. The rich city became centre of high developed art. Its contemporaries called it Apolonia Magna (Great). The ancient icons and magnificent wood-craft are one of the greatest achievements of the handcraft of those times. The houses from the Bulgarian national revival are also very interesting. Every September in the city is carried out the popular Art festival Apolonia.

The nearest to More family hotel life guarded free beach is 350 metes away. There are many guarded and not guarded beaches:
    • 15 km south of Sozopol is the Ropotamo reserve which includes Ropotamo river, Ropotamo park and is the only European naural lake with water-lilies;
    • 10 km south of Sozopol begins Strandja National park, famous with its virgin nature and authentic Bulgarian villages;
    • 20 km north of Sozopol is Poda rare birds nature reserve;
    • In Sozopol almost all sea sports are available - surf, rowing, yachting, jet ski.
    • The old town of Sozopol is architectural and archeological reserve. Includes: 5 churches, 7 chappels, 2 museums, South fortress wall and tower
    • In the end of the New town excavations are in progress. All landmarks in Sozopol are generally accessible at low fee.
    • Festivals:
      - Apolonia Art Festal - 01.09-10.09, anualy in Sozopol
      - National Folklore festival fair Petrova Niva - in the middle of August, annualy 50 km away from Sozopol.

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