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There aren't many old houses left in Kalofer, and those left from the time of the Turkish slavery are less. I'm not talking about a museum, I'm talking about a real home, where during the winter smoke is curlying out if the chimneys and during the summer hosts and guests sit toghether under the trellised vine and drink the famous "Otlezhawa rakiya" (grape or plum brandy) made by the hosts themselvs, which leaves unforgettable memories.

But enough talking about the home idyll. It's better for you to knock on the door of the Tsutsovi family. This old house is situated in the center of Kalofer, and the guest can see the true bulgarian home, as it was standing here since three centuries.

The house was built just before the liberation from the Turkish slavery in 1878. It has been burnt down several times by the turkish soldiers, but the foundation remain so it could be renovated. The house has been pronounced for a ╠emorial of culture in 1964. It is one of the few houses kept the renaissance spirit of the town. The house has 5 rooms (one of them is available only during the summer period) and 3 bathrooms. There are TV sÓ˛ and cable television in every room.

There is a local heating during the winter. The hotel accepts guests at any time of the year. It's situated in the very center of the city, surrounded by 2 meters brick wall. The house was been renovated in 1990 and offers all comforts of the ordinary home.

Brick fireplaces, built in cupboards, wooden attics, couches, and authentic metal beds will make you feel one different atmosphere. One of the biggest treasures is the garden. In the summer you can see blooming roses, pelargonium and all other kinds ot flowers. The greening box-tree is on the same age as the house. The cornel-tree is also that old and its fruits are 3 times bigger than the ordinary.

All guests, who want try as chefs, can use the well-equipped kitchen, the fireplace, the grill and the barbecue, where they can cook everything from chicken to lambs. You can make your favorite meals and surprise the hosts with them. Hosts themselves can surely surprise you with the homemade wine and the mulled Kalofer rakiya.

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